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Fairytale Wedding

Have you missed me? We’ve had a whirlwind four days here in Switzerland. Each day from eye opening early mornings to collapsing in bed at night has been phenomenal. If you’ve been following me, you know it was the weekend of my oldest grandson’s wedding.

Let me take you to the church and two fairytale receptions. Sit back and enjoy!

The wedding was full of music, fun, smiles, tears, promises, family & friends. A choir sang, our daughter, De, and Chrissy (our youngest grandson) sang a duet with Nick ( the middle brother) accompanying on guitar. I even had a role by reading a message ( in English, thank God) that they prepared for me – a message if forever love and devotion. Then we all headed to the outdoor reception nearby where wine, hors d’oeuvres and music flowed. Mike played in his alpenhorn group.

Look carefully! I’m holding Mike’s hand. The group just played “Amazing Grace” and dedicated it to me!!!!

The second reception was a sit-down dinner after more wine, beer, and socializing in this gorgeous outdoor setting:

We woke this morning back in Vissoie. Ready to go on another adventure. See ya later! Thanks for sharing and visiting with me.

Love , JanBeek

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Jan! This is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes! 🎶🎶🎶💛❤️💚 (Amazing Grace). What a beautiful family and memories!

  2. Oh WOW…. beautiful family time Jan, and such a backdrop to your last photo too… Congratulations to the Happy Couple… Long may they be Happy in abundant love..

    Sending hugs across the ocean…
    Love Sue xx <3

    • Thank you for the good wishes! Yes, Sue, lots of fabulous backdrops in Switzerland! That setting at the Nicolas Zufferey Winery was especially beautiful! Thanks for visiting with us!

  3. How absolutely magnificent that you could be part of this and continue enjoying your European journey❤️ take care, much love x

  4. Thank you Jan! Sharing this magnificent day with us is a treasure. Such warm memories for you and family to hold on to.

  5. How lovely! Stunning bride and such a beautiful dress. Now, I’m a blog reader who is honest if I haven’t read everything and I’m wanting to give this post the respect of my full attention – so I have only viewed the photos at the moment (sat up in bed quite late!) and I’m planning to read your descriptions and story later on.

    So I’ll reply in full when I’ve read the whole article. In the meantime, thank you so much for sharing your special occasion with us.

  6. I really enjoyed the post. Lovely wedding snaps. Do you play the alpenhorn too?

    • No, but my first cousins did when I was a kid. My mom’s oldest sister married a Swiss.

      • Oh I see. They are amazing looking instruments aren’t they? My husband just walked past the computer and said, “Oh, are they Austrian?” so, I can fill him in now. Do they ever find little animals hiding inside?

      • I have never heard of little animals inside. The horns separate into 3 or 4 pieces and are stored in zippered cases when not in use.

      • 😂 yes, I thought so. I was just having a little fun letting my imagination run wild. I could see them all together, playing a beautiful tune, then suddenly one of them has an extra harmony and they discover a tiny mouse sat inside, doing the backing vocals 😂.

      • Hah! That would create quite a stir! 🤪

  7. Wonderful photos and a great trip! The bride and groom look very happy together. I know you will need a week or two to recover after all that excitement!

  8. Our best wishes to the couple. It is such a special occasion, wedding of a grandson. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos of a beautiful place. Regards, Lakshmi

  9. Absolutely perfect.

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