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Angels Watching Over Us

I have a guardian angel
Who is faithful – yes, indeed!
He’s saved me from disaster,
Been there for every need.

An angel guarded Angela,
Our Boston Terrier pup,
From dying when a rattlesnake
Bit her on her butt!

You have a guardian angel
Who’s watching over you.
I hope that you are grateful
And careful on your feet, too.

Sunday in church our pastor
Read a poem that touched my heart.
It conjured up my angel;
Who’s compassionate and smart.

Yours is, too!!
In fact, YOU may BE
somebody’s angel!
Serving love with glee.

“The World I Live In”
Mary Oliver

God of Grace, help us to see
Your angels at work among us,
lighting upon the unhoused in the street,
delivering cups of coffee,
Ziploc bags full of toiletries,
and deli sandwiches.

Help us honor Your angels
with our praise and gratitude –
the patient teacher, the loving parent,
the determined wildfire fighter,
the volunteer rescue worker,
the visitor of the elderly,
the sick and the imprisoned.

Give us eyes to see, O God,
your angels at work
and help us be among their ranks.

Click the link below and enjoy listening to Alabama sing for us “Angels Among Us.”

Our Angela –
saved by God’s angel!

Angela’s angel was a vet
Who was in his office on a Sunday.
He had the vaccine and loving care.
She’d’a been gone by Monday!

We never know when God
calls on us to be
the angel to a friend in need.
Open your arms and eyes to see.

God bless you!

Thanks for checking in today.
You’re my visiting angel.
Let me be yours!
Gotcha in prayer.
Tell me how to pray for you specifically, OK?



Comments on: "Angels Watching Over Us" (17)

  1. Your comments are soooo appreciated!

  2. Fran McNeill said:

    Love this Jan, and what a beautiful song! I’ve never heard it before. You are an angel in my life. Procedure went well and smoothly this morning. I’m home, in the recliner with ice on my back as prescribed. Am very optimistic and we’ll see how the next 36-48 hours go. Love, hugs, prayers, and thanks to you and Bob 💗💗

  3. Beautiful words dear Jan, an angel yourself❤️ sending love your way🥰

  4. One of your especially uplifting posts

  5. I hope your dear Angela is recovering well dearest Jan… and your poem share are beautiful as is your dear dear Angela… <3 Thank goodness Angels were in abundance… <3

    • Thank you. Angela survived that ordeal and lived another 3 years after it. Cancer got her. My poem was a flashback. Thank you for your sweet comment, Sue. ❤️🥰

  6. Hi Jan,
    Thank you for another inspiring post!
    I love everything about angels, and specially your picture with wings.

  7. Soooo wonderful. Makes me feel so good.

  8. Amen! God finds special angels to assist us when we need a helping hand, big or small. Praying for you and Bob during your upcoming trip. Father, bless them with safe travel and good health.

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