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Be Not Afraid

Be Not Afraid
Easier said than done
Especially if you have
Bombs blocking the sun

Raising up prayers
For people in Ukraine
Seeing their dismay
Feeling their pain

Wanting to help
Feeling helpless and weak
Praying that our country
Provides the aid they seek

I can’t do much
I pray and I do what I can
To support the people
Do you have a plan?

Check out this possibility
(I hope the link works):

I will hang this stained glass
In my window when it arrives
It will remind me to pray daily
For the dear Ukrainians’ lives

It’s a worthwhile purchase
It makes me feel like I am doing a little to help.
A portion of the sale price
Will go to recovery efforts
And another part of the money
Will help the artist rebuild her studio
When she finally is able to return home.

This song and prayer are for them –
The dear, innocent victims of this war –
I pray for their safety and their courage
For their lives and their ultimate victory.
Join me in prayer … and sing along:

Sending love and visions of HOPE to you
and to the people of Ukraine…
God, give them peace.

Love, JanBeek

See ya tomorrow (God willing)

Comments on: "Be Not Afraid" (10)

  1. Anonymous said:

    The link is fine.

  2. Terricktom said:

    You must be very lovely and caring woman πŸ‘©… Keep it up πŸ‘† okay…. 😍

  3. Terricktom said:

    What is your phone number and email address so we continue our conversation via phone or email directly?

  4. Dana Pulliam said:

    So honestly and beautifully spoken. Love that hymn and the memories of the comfort it has given me in the past. It’s perfect for your message here. Thank you for again sharing from your caring heart.

  5. Fran McNeill said:

    This is beautiful Jan. That hymn is a favorite of mine too. Hummingbirds are a sign of life, according to one Chumash Indian shaman whom I met when living in CA. I pray for peace, restoration, and preservation of life for Ukraine. Thank you!

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