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This morning on his post, The Art of Blogging, Cristian Mihai wrote, “Everyone loves a great story. People want to feel connected to a group, to belong.” He suggested that one way to help our readers feel connected is storytelling.

One of my favorite storytellers is Bob Goff. Do you know him? On March 1st, he released a new book: “UnDistracted.” I was introduced to him several years ago when my granddaughter, Faith, gave me a copy of his first book as a Christmas gift. “Love Does” by Bob Goff is a book that should be in everyone’s library!

Excellent storytellers like Bob Goff capture our attention and keep us engaged. Storytelling is a gift. The bloggers who use their gift of whimsey to capture our attention the way Bob Goff does are few and far between (in my humble estimation).

Bob Goff worked for 25 years as an attorney, wishing he could live a whimsical, impactful life. Now a “recovering lawyer,” he gave up his law firm to pursue writing and motivational speaking full time. He’s a best-selling author, hosts a podcast, and became a farmer at The Oaks outside San Diego, California.

I am a “recovering teacher,” wishing to live a whimsical, impactful life. I gave up my classroom and my home in California to live the good life under the Big Sky in southwest Montana. My husband, Bob, and I have a daughter and three grandsons in Switzerland… and a son and three grandchildren back in California. One of our son & daughter-in-law’s children lives here in Montana with her hubby and two of my three great-grandchildren.

I am about to become a great-Grammy again early next month. My youngest granddaughter, Faith, is expecting a baby girl on April 3rd. Life is good!

One of my favorite stories is the one that involves Faith … Faith as a baby, small enough to fit into this little bassinet that I got for her little girl who’s about to emerge into this world.

I wrote this story about Faith 27 years ago when she came into our family. My typical storytelling mode is poetry. What do you think? Does it keep you engaged?


Faith Austynne Beekman,
God’s special unique design,
Created by Our Savior,
Placed here by acts divine.

We waited for your coming,
Prepared our home and heart;
Prayed daily for your namesake
To fill us from the start.

We needed FAITH to find you.
We needed FAITH to pray.
We needed FAITH to still believe
You’d come our way someday.

Your birth mother was Amber.
She carried you with care.
She chose your parents wisely,
Knew they’d be the right pair;

Knew in this world of trouble,
A child needs Mom AND Dad
To teach differentiation
Between what’s good and bad.

So while she held your fingers
And smiled into your eyes,
She knew she couldn’t keep you –
A tough choice, yes – but wise!

Your mom and dad prayed for you.
They waited seven years.
They went to doctors, studied books,
And shed a lot of tears.

They almost had an Austynne,
A little girl like you,
Born to a childish mother;
Her dad was absent, too.

But that was not the infant
God chose for the Beekman name,
Instead he tested their faith’s depth,
Made them play the seesaw game.

They saw that first birth mother
Accepting their family as right.
Then they saw her turn about,
With unborn child – take flight!

The time was after Easter;
Our God seemed far from fair;
But wrestling disappointment,
We accepted this cross to bear.

Not every servant of our Lord
Is blessed with children’s glee;
Perhaps my grandsons far away
Were all God planned for me.

Perhaps the students at our schools
Were who God planned as our lot;
We promised Him we’d accept His will.
Be happy with what we’ve got!

Then came the call from a lawyer.
A baby was due real soon.
Moni called everyone she knew
From early morn ‘til noon.

She had to locate Tyrone,
So they could be interviewed.
She had such trouble finding him,
She almost came unglued!

The decision wasn’t easy
(To adopt is hard at best),
But we knew God was on our side.
We had FAITH to pass the test!

Now, innocent little infant,
God’s special, unique creation,
You’re here by FAITH to fill our hearts
With great joy and divine elation!

Welcome to this world and the BEEKMAN BUNCH,

Faith Austynne Beekman!

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  1. What a beautiful story and a truly lovely poem.

  2. Sunny De said:

    Fun to read that poem! You’re truly a gifted writer, momma!

  3. A Great Grandmother. What a blessing! I love being a Grandmother — I hope I live long enough to take a second mantle, adding “Great” to my title!

  4. Anonymous said:

    A tale well told – and congratulations to all concerned

    • Thank you, Derrick! Ty & Monika spent the weekend with Faith & Kyle helping them with the final touches of getting ready for their new arrival! 👍🏽❤️

  5. Beautiful!

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