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Two Bodies –

Yesterday’s Bloganuary#9 prompt was one I skipped.
I missed a day because I didn’t want to write about the topic:
Assumptions I Think People Make About Me.

Ya, people probably assume…
but my mom always told me
when you assume,
you make an

So I have negative feelings about assuming anything.
I’d rather dig out an old blog from the drafts file…
something I started a year or so ago and never finished.
I’d rather read other people’s answers about assumptions.
I’d rather skip a day of blogging
and just apply the 4R’s.
I needed to do that!


So I did!

And here’s that old blog
that I never finished last August
right around the time my daughter, DeAna,
was having a birthday.
It was titled,
“Two Bodies”:

Two bodies
Two sides of the earth

Two people
One birth
Two hearts
One mind
She’s my daughter
Love binds.

Yup, I decided to skip #9 altogether.
I don’t like assumptions,
even if they are positive ones.
I’d rather talk about today’s prompt.

asked me to post 5 things I’m grateful for.
I can do that… but don’t expect me to limit it to 5!!

You’ll find my answers here:

Check it out…
and tell me,
besides your life itself,
what are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for you
Thanks for visiting JanBeek.
See ya tomorrow (God willing)
… unless I decide to skip it!

I’m still at Ty & Monika’s in Placerville –
recuperating from RSV.
It’s a bugger!!

Comments on: "Two Bodies –" (12)

  1. Haha, love what you did for the prompt!!

  2. Elaina Colby said:

    If you haven’t read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz you should. “Assumptions are nothing more than lies that we are telling ourselves. This creates a big drama for nothing, because we don’t really know if something is true or not.” https://www.thefouragreements.com/dont-make-assumptions/

  3. I like your poem, momma! And I loooooove you! And yes, I agree one shouldn’t make assumptions because it makes an ass out of you and me. That’s what you told me! What other people think about you is none of your business!

  4. Aren’t you a rebel, just skipping willy nilly. lol 😆

  5. You are right about assumptions. I have done that a few times in my life! Hope you are feeling better!

  6. Anonymous said:

    I’m most grateful for the second chance with Jackie

    • Ooooh boy, yes -yes! I’m grateful that both of you saw fit to reconnect and make your senior years golden years together. God bless you! 😍🥰

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