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Embrace Getting Ready

If you’ve followed my blog
or seen my posts on FaceBook,
you know my husband, Bob,
has been facing some medical challenges.
I asked for prayers for his return to usual stamina.

Thank you for those prayers,
(if you offered them up to God for us).
He is feeling soooo much better –
and the doctor has okayed his trip tomorrow!!

So, Happy Labor Day weekend, my friends!
I hope you are enjoying a relaxing, fun-filled day.

Bob is getting ready to go
on a fishing trip with two of his buddies.
They leave at 5: am tomorrow for Anchorage
and then will spend a week at Kulik Lodge,
way up north on the peninsula of Alaska,
in the area called Bristol Bay.
Have you every been to Alaska?
Have you been fishing there?

His buddies told him he doesn’t need to
bring all his flies on the trip.
The lodge and guides where he is going
will provide for him all the flies he needs.

Doesn’t that look inviting??

If all goes well, he will not only be able to catch some whoppers,
but he will have at least one smoked and shipped home with him!

While Bob is getting ready for his trip,
I am getting ready for his absence.
In our 60 years of wedded bliss,
I cannot remember ever being
away from him this long!

Here we are in the mid-60’s with our son, Ty.
Here we are together with my parents
in the late 1960’s – or early ’70s.
Here we are with 22 family/friends
at Bob’s 80th.
That’s our daughter DeAna
with her arm around her daddy
and our son, Ty, next to her
with his hand on my shoulder.
You can see from this photo of us
on our 59th anniversary that
the years have been good to us.

So, as I get ready to be away from Bob for more than a week,
send me some ideas for how to avoid loneliness!
Tell me how to get ready to fix a meal for one…
and to eat alone for 9 days!

A friend is coming over
to keep me company
for awhile tomorrow.
(Thank you, Julie!)

What are you doing Tuesday?

TazE says, “Just relax, Mom. I gotcha covered!”

Thank God for our pets, huh?
I know TazE will be great company.

Have a good Sunday evening.
I send my love and hugs your way.

Thanks for visiting JanBeek
See ya tomorrow (God willing)

Comments on: "Embrace Getting Ready" (14)

  1. I am pleased Bob is fit to travel again and trust he will be returned safely to you

  2. Jan, I’m sending prayers for Bob and you. I am happy he got to go on his fishing trip. Great memories. These are beautiful pictures. Take care. Scott

  3. Such beautiful memories and pics! 🥰 Glad flue hubby got the “go” for traveling. I know you will both miss each other.

  4. Keeping Bob as well as you in prayer. With each day, spend some moments outside. Both you and Bob enjoy the outdoors. There is no sense in letting him have all the fun.

  5. Good day madam.
    Really very inspiring family photos.
    I’m sending prayers for Bob and you.
    Great memories. Very beautiful pictures.
    Work is the best medicine to stay away from loneliness. Engage and enjoy.
    With warm regards
    Take care

    • “Engage and Enjoy” – such good advice. Thank you! I will… and I hope you will, too. Have a beautiful weekend. Isn’t it lovely out there? <3

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