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Embrace Playfulness

Doesn’t that word make you smile?
PLAYFULNESS is underrated!
We all need to have days when
we determine it is the Word of the Day!
Today was that day for me!

Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com

It started with a day to celebrate
my friend, Sue’s birthday.
We met at a local coffee shop
and shared some quality one-on-one time.

We talked about the ways
people whose ideas may differ
in some areas of life
can love each other
for all their commonalities.

Then I spent a couple hours playing
Scrabble with a friend who is
recuperating from surgery.
A little playfulness is good for us all.

Playing in the sandbox
would be a welcome next activity.
Do you have a sandbox available?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’d love to be at the ocean right now
Playing in the sand with you –
Jumping in the waves, and
drawing hearts on the beach.

Let’s spend time
listening to the waves crash against the shore
and enjoying the chance to
embrace playfulness!
Photo by Daniel Torobekov on Pexels.com

It’s a good day to embrace playfulness.
It’s a beautiful blue-sky, no wind afternoon.
Bob & I are headed to play with friends
Who are so dear… and so much fun to play with!

Terry & Jim – really fun-filled friends!

The Bible reinforces the idea of playfulness:

“Moreover, it is God’s gift that all should
eat and drink and take pleasure in all their toil.”

Ecclesiastes 3:13

and taking pleasure
in the company
of our “Hood”

Do you have friends who embrace playfulness?

I didn’t get this posted yesterday.
I was having too much fun playing.
So here we are another day…

Bob, TazE & I
are headed out
with friends
on our ATV
(Lucille – the redhead
on which we have a “Ball”)

I wish you could come and enjoy this playfulness with us!

What kind of play is your favorite?
What will you do to enjoy playfulness today?

Whatever it is…
Take joy!

I send my love.

Comments on: "Embrace Playfulness" (12)

  1. Hi Jan,
    I love the inspiration to have more fun, and your beautiful smiling face!
    Wishing you a blessed weekend! ♥♥

    • Thanks, I hope you went out to have some fun today… and if not, fill your weekend with playfulness! It’s good for the soul <3

  2. A great inspiring post Jan. All playfulness here needs to be inside today with temps in the 90 F. That may not be so bad either!

  3. I’m dreaming of coming to play with you guys! Seriously! Sadly, I’ve been a bit under the weather. I got tested for Covid this morning after playing with a girlfriend all day last Saturday who tested positive. I’ve mainly had severe cold symptoms (I had both immunizations), but one can never be too cautious. Especially with my Father’s weakness. So I’m doing outside things, although 100 degree heat index is limiting me! Hugs and love to you Jan!

    • Hi Karla, I hope your test turns out negative and your temperatures cool down so you can get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors! We were out with friends on a four-seater ATV today. It was a gorgeous day! Wish you were here! <3

  4. Jan, we need to embrace some playfulness in our lives. Colleen and I have a morning date for brunch on a weekday. We try to change the location each week until we have to start over.

    • Hi {{{Richard}}} – Good for you and Colleen! I am glad you get out weekly to do something fun together. Couples who play together stay together (and praying together helps, too)! <3

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