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Embrace the Night

I sit on the porch
In the quiet of the night
Embracing darkness

I sit in my chair
In the quiet of the night
Absent mosquitoes

I sit quietly
Embracing night’s coolness
Praying smoke leaves us

I stare at the sky
Wanting to see the moon shine
Longing for mountains

I know they are there
Behind the smoke and ashes
Muted by the gray

I sit on the porch
Praying for firefighters
In the smoke-filled night

I sit on the porch
In the quiet of the night
Embracing darkness

Come and sit with me!

Good night, dear WordPress friends.

See ya tomorrow (God willing)

Smell the hov’ring smoke
Hear sleepy birds chirp good night
Feel the peacefulness

I send my true love…
and hold you so tight
In the still of night

Comments on: "Embrace the Night" (9)

  1. Sunny De said:

    So many fires in your corner of the world! I’m sending prayers that they dissipate soon and that you get some of our abundant rain!

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  2. Beautiful musings

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  3. Beautiful poem – am praying for fire fighters for you too

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  4. Thank you, {{{Derrick}}} – I appreciate your affirmation. I hope you are having clear skies and sunshine today. ❤


  5. Keeping Montana and other regions in my thoughts and prayers. These wildfires definitely mean business. In due time, the magnificent Big Montana Sky will be at peace.

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    • I hope that peace comes sooner than later. We have our Ennis Arts Festival this weekend with over 45 artists setting up booths in Peter T Park. We just had a little rain and now we are seeing the setting sun for the first time in two weeks! I pray it rains some more tonight… but not this weekend.


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