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Embrace Stepping Out

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Have Faith and Step Out

Don’t overlook your life’s importance
or minimize its worth.
It doesn’t matter if you’re on
an allowance or Social Security.
No matter where you are in life,
you have so much to give.

The vital part of your life
never disappears or fades away.
Each of us is vital to God.
He gives us the courage to go out and live,
to heed His call, and step out in faith
on a new journey today.

In faithful obedience, lean forward
to hear Him. He doesn’t shout.
His call is quiet and personal.
Get serious. Listen carefully.
Are you up for a new journey?
Have faith and step out!

I wrote the poem, “Have Faith and Step Out” in 2002 while we were still living in California. I had officially retired from teaching in 1999, but daily I was looking for new direction, new purpose, new adventures. The International Library of Poetry published the poem in its 2002 Anthology of Poetry and sent me a dozen greeting cards with the poem printed on the front of them. Today I am using one of those cards for a friend who is stepping onto a new path.

The poem has become more meaningful in the nearly 20 years since its creation. The older I am, the more I realize, “No matter where you are in life, you have so much to give.” Your age doesn’t matter. Your place doesn’t matter. What matters is your mindset, your faith, your motivation.

It’s OK to be petrified.
Sometimes God takes us to
the edge of adventures
where we feel unprepared.
With faith,
He will remove our fear,
put us on a bridge,
and send us the Light to follow.

Deuteronomy 31:6

Quote from Deuteronomy 31:6

Today Bob is out on Lucille (our red-headed ATV on which we have a “Ball”)
with his former student, Victor, who is visiting from Alabama.
Victor was Bob’s wrestling student back in the 1970’s.
He reminded us that Bob also was
his Drivers Education teacher.
They are on an adventure –
going to a lake above Sheridan.
Our Boston, TazE, is with them.
Ah, yes, step out in faith.
Have fun!

Where He leads me,
I will follow!

no matter where you are in life,
you have so much to give.

Where are you being called to go today?
What are you being called to do?
Whatever it is, step out in faith.
He will give you grace and glory…
He’ll be with you all the way!

Have a Fabulous Friday!

Love and Hugs,
In Faith,

Comments on: "Embrace Stepping Out" (14)

  1. I needed this encouragement today. Thank you for posting this!

    • I am so glad you found encouragement here. My goal is to inspire as I share. Your comment made my day! Thank YOU! <3

  2. An uplifting post, Jan X

  3. Congratulations on your poem publication and the cards. That is very cool! Stepping out to help others is what it is all about. We saw that all through our year of covid, when essential works stepped out inspite of the risk to be there for us and many others. Great post jan.

    • Thanks for the congrats… it was a real pleasure to have the poem acknowledged in that way. Yes, COVID-19 taught us a lot about the importance of reaching out, didn’t it? I just hope we remember those lessons!

  4. Sunny De said:

    How FUN that Dad had a former student come for a visit from so far away! Wow! Isn’t the internet marvelous for reaching out to touch other’s lives and for getting and staying in contact? Bless you for your constant inspiration, Ma! Have a blessed Sunday 😘🐝✨🌻

    • Thank you, DeDe! Yes, it has been a blessed Sunday … and we are loving the opportunity to have Victor here with us. <3

  5. I have been blessed with a wonderful journey with my writing. After spending 40 years in the classroom, I surprised myself (and others) a bit when I decided to embrace this exciting adventure.

    • Besides your blog, where can I find your writing? I have a hunch you are published elsewhere, but I don’t know where to find it.

  6. You always encourage us, Jan. What a blessing you are to the world 🌎. πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™

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