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COVID-19 Test

What are you up to on this Tuesday, the last day in June? What a month this has been, huh?

I had to have a COVID-19 test before I was authorized to have my surgery today.

It really was a test with a swab that tickled my sinuses. Results were negative.. so the surgery is a go.

A robot guided by my very capable doctor is going to repair a hernia that’s about the size of a golf ball – it’s right in the front of my mid-section. Surgery is at 12:45 PM. I have to be at the hospital by 11:00 AM.

I don’t expect any trouble. But, just in case there are unexpected glitches, I have my positive mind-set all primed.

And while I am paying special attention to #5 above, looking for some fun in the midst of all this, I am also focusing on #8 and all the ways I am grateful for the ability to get this fixed before it grows and gets worse.

Friends have come by in anticipation of our needs tomorrow when we get home. They have brought us with soup, biscuits, Brownies, muffins, and lots of love and prayers. Our pastor came by to pray with me… and family have texted and called. I feel wrapped in love! I have so much to be thankful for!

So, off we go… Headed for Bozeman…

I’ll see you tomorrow with a report on what’s up (or out).
Thanks for your love and prayers.
God is good. He’s got me covered!
Hugs, JanBeek

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  1. At least you know you haven’t got Covid. XX

  2. I will keep you in prayer, I already had a mild case of the virus a few months ago and I am happy that you don’t have it

    • Thank you. Sorry about your bout w virus. Glad it was no worse. I’m praying for patience now. It’s 2:15 and I ‘m still waiting for the surgery that should have started at 12:45!!

      • Sounds about right, my daughter has surgery the end of July, they found a tumor in her adrenal gland
        Prayers for you now
        It is well with your soul, the Lord is with you

      • I have sent a prayer up for your daughter……

      • Thank you

      • you are very welcome, it is my pleasure to pray for her.

      • I hope they were able to successfully remove the tumor – and get it all.

      • That will not take place for a few more weeks, she has not been stable with her heart rate, and he specialties need to clear her. My daughter has many different rare diseases they will have to remove her adrenal gland there is no other way to get to this tumor, she has seizures from it and other symptoms from it.
        How did you do with your surgery, hopefully all went well for you

      • I am so sorry that your daughter faces so many challenges. So hard for us as parents to see our children suffer. How old is she? What’s her name? I will add her to my prayer list.

      • Her name is Victoria, she is now in her twenties and has been sick most of her life, however God uses her in ministry as she is a leader at Proverbs 31 a woman’s Bible study on line, as well as she has her you tube channel sharing her journey

      • I will pray for Victoria.

      • Thank you

  3. I have sent up prayers for you this afternoon!

  4. Prayers for all those in pain, in distress, in need of healing or patience.

  5. I pray that all goes well, a speedy recovery with no residue effects.

  6. All will be fine, my friend. Give your body time to come back around.🌈💖🎉♥️

  7. Glad the test was neg.. and Hope all has gone well with the surgery Jan.. <3 <3 <3

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