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Today I am having a hernia removed. The doctor will use a robot to do the work. The wonders of today’s science in medicine never cease to amaze me.

I would probably freak out if I could see what the robot is doing. But I am grateful there is this in-and-out procedure available.

While I am out of commission for my blog, today, let me share with you a You.Tube that was sent to me by a friend. Lee said, “Everyone should see this.” I agree!

Take about a few minutes and do yourself a favor. Click on this video and enjoy – be amazed – be in awe… and take a minute to pray for my safe and “easy” surgery and speedy recovery, too, will you?

Oh, and before you go,
take a minute to pray for my older sister, Sally, too,
will you?
She is in PA in a nursing home.
She has Alzheimers.

No one deserves to be in her shoes
with this pandemic preventing all visitors.
I am so saddened by her situation,
but grateful for all those who care for her.

Yup, I am the little sister…
Definitely not well behaved!!
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  1. I will pray for you today, Jan, and also for your sister, Sally. ( I like her name). 🌷🤗

    • Thank you, Sally. I feel God’s care through your love ❤️ and care 👌🏽❤️🙏🏽

  2. What a fantastic film, Jan!
    Thinking of you today and praying for you and Sally. xx

  3. As the eldest of 5 I concur. I wish you and your sister well, Jan.

  4. Sunny De said:

    I hope and pray your surgery and recovery are a success, dear momma! What a fascinating video!!! 🤩 😯 😮 I will also keep Aunt Sally in my prayers. During this pandemic the elderly are the most vulnerable but are also the ones who desperately need our visits. It’s not fair! Please give us all an update here as soon as you can!

  5. Sending hugs, and prayers to you both.

  6. Elaina Colby said:

    I’m praying for you and always for Aunt Sally. I have so many fun memories of our time with her. What an amazing video you shared as well. Although I’d prefer to not think about those microscopic mites on my eyelashes. 😉

  7. Prayers and good luck all around you, my friend. 💙

  8. Jan, thanks for sharing this video. God’s creation is truly amazing. Praying for your sister. May God’s peace surround her this day and every day.

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