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The Earth Heals Me

I am so grateful for the stars and wind,

The trees and birds sing to me.

The sunshine and nature comfort me.

And I listen to the earth’s words of comfort.

I trust the words the earth speaks to me.

My ears hear the voice of God in the

  • stars
  • wind
  • trees
  • birds
  • sunshine, and
  • nature

Let God tell you, “You are not alone.”
Let God gently hold you.
Let God listen to your pain and sing your worries away.
Let God remove the darkness.
Remember, He accepts you as you are.
God is nature. He created the earth and you.
You are never alone.

God bless you, dear friends.
Listen to His healing words of love and let Him hold you.
Have a beautiful Sunday evening/night.
I’ll see you tomorrow.

Love and virtual hugs,

Comments on: "The Earth Heals Me" (7)

  1. we are so blessed to be surrounded by so much beauty! 🙂

  2. God’s beauty. Ms Janbeek you are always a ray of sunshine for the soul. Much love to you.

  3. Jan, thanks for sharing the daoky nourishment we receive from God and His dedicated believers.

    • You’re welcome, Richard. Thank you for your visit and comment. I am holding a lot next door to us for you and Colleen.

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