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Yes, you is!!
And you is well, too.
You is smart like a fox!

Thank you, Paul Holdorf, for your beautiful photography.

Yup. you is so smart –
And you is intelligent –
You make a difference!

You is courageous –
And you is adventuresome –
You is goin’ places!

You is not perfect
But you know perfect moments,
And you make them count!

So now bee grateful
For all that you know you is –
And go change the world!

You is gonna tell
How is you gonna do that…
Tell me one thing NOW!!

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  1. Sunny De said:

    How am I going to change the world?! Hmmmm….well, I don’t know about the world but yesterday I sang at the funeral of my mother-in-love’s very good friend’s hubby. She had originally organized to have a trumpet player but he cancelled. She called my mother-in-love, Denise, asking her if I’d be willing to sing. Now, mind you, this is for the funeral which is the next morning! She asked for Ave Maria but that’s a difficult song to sing! Too high! So I told Denise that I’d think about my options and to call her back. Yes. I should have immediately said yes! Of course! But I was caught off guard! We called her back a half hour later to say that I’d be happy to help out. Singing alone is never fun so I asked my Swisster to join me. She came over that afternoon to learn the alto or second voice to two songs, one in Italian (which she speaks fluently) and one in English, Amazing Grace. We recorded them and she practiced at home all evening and the next morning so she would be ready. I was very pleased that we did a good job even though our voices had such rapid vibratos due to nervousness! So we helped that family make their husband, father, grandfather, and friend’s laying to rest a little bit better. In these COVID times it’s really difficult for people who lose loved ones and then can’t be hugged and kissed by those around them to comfort them. I was happy to add a bit of comfort in my own way.

    • God bless you, sweet DeDe. I am so glad you & Syli were able to help out. When you step up to help one person, that’s a snowball that gathers momentum in many other hearts as well. Yes, you changed the world for each person who heard you sing… and all who heard about it (including your grateful mama). I am grateful for your big heart and your lovely voice and for Syli, who was willing to step up to the plate with you. Thank you! I love you!! <3

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