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Monday Musings

It’s already past noon here. I really needed that Monday morning coffee!! It was a really different kind of Mother’s Day yesterday.

We couldn’t travel to see our son and family in California.
And they couldn’t come here.

We couldn’t fly to see our daughter and family in Switzerland.
And they couldn’t fly here.

We couldn’t even go into the Madison Valley Manor nursing home to give our friends there a hug.

BUT, we could go and see our dear Elaine Forsberg through the window! And the CNA came to the door and took my balloons and delivered them to three dear friends there: Elaine, Phyllis and Kitty. The latter two couldn’t come to the Sun Room to greet us at the window, but Elaine did. Yay!

It’s a sad sign of the times when this pandemic keeps us from the warm hugs that brighten our days. We will never take those hugs for granted again!

As a group of family and friends, we gathered outside the Sun Room window and sang “Happy Mother’s Day” to Elaine.

Elaine’s son and daughter-in-law, her daughter and son-in-law, and a few grandkids and friends braved the gray, cold, windy spring Montana day to cheer her. It cheered us, too.

“Whatever you bring into the lives of others
comes back into your own.”

My mom always told me that.
Did you hear that as a child, too?

That smile was worth a million bucks.

If I coulda done so, I woulda delivered a basket of tulips to each of the Manor residents… and I’d send a basket of flowers to each of you, too. Thank you, my blogging friends, for visiting JanBeek today. I hope you had a memorable, happy Mother’s Day.

Our daughter, DeAna (who lives in Switzerland), called on FaceTime yesterday. She and her “Mother-in-Love” Denise were having a glorious Mothers’ Day. My son-in-law, Andre’ and three grandsons made a fabulous dinner with a beautiful dessert for their mom/grandmama and even cleaned up all the dishes afterward!

DeDe and Andre’ are going through some tough times right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken away their jobs. They are weighing some difficult decisions about their future. I keep them in my daily prayers. Thank God for the Internet so we can stay connected.

Our son, Ty, and Monika

Ty and Monika called us on one of those social media apps (FaceTime or WhatsApp …) and we had a wonderful chat. Their lives are kinda topsy-turvy right now, too. I hope you were able to talk yesterday with all the people who matter most to you, too.

Lisa and Phyllis

It must be especially difficult for people like Phyllis’ daughters, Lisa, Avis, and Julie. Phyllis is one of my dear friends at the Manor Nursing Home. Her daughters are scattered states away from their mom – – – and unable to visit her right now. My heart goes out them.

There was a beautiful blog written about that very subject yesterday:

Audrey Kletscher Helbling, Minnesota Prairie Roots

The title of her post was: “Gratitude for Mother’s Day photos & the love of a rural Minnesota care center staff”. It was a lovely tribute to the care givers who are such a treasure!!

Photo by Matthias Zomer on Pexels.com

Take my hand, dear friend.
Let’s share and muse together.

What is on your mind
this Monday?

See ya later.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day. Hopefully this will all be over soon!

  2. How nice that was to visit your friend Elaine. What a beautiful smile she has!

  3. Jan, I appreciate the closeness of community where you live. I experienced it many times when I lived in eastern Montana. Today, my wife and I checked on daughter’s home which is about 15-20 minutes away. She and her family are taking care of her father-in-law’s home while he recovers from a recent surgery.

  4. Sunny De said:

    How nice of you to go visit your friend in the nursing home and brighten her day! I enjoyed our chat yesterday. I so wish I could wiggle my nose and pop in to see you!!! I love you SO much. 💕

    • I wish you could, too! Thanks, DeDe. I appreciate your visit and response to JanBeek. I write it with you & Laina in my line of vision. 🤗❤️✌🏽

  5. Richard, I have a buddy in Three Forks! Lilie Allen. And of course, we go to BZN at least twice a month. I just know one of these safe days when COVID-19 is behind us, we’re gonna connect face-to-face. I look forward to it.

  6. Happy LATE Mother’s Day, Jan. I love reading your posts. I was able to sit around the Family Table with my Mom and several aunts. My sons and daughter-in-law’s FaceTimed me. Your pictures are precious. Hugs and blessings 💚🤗

    • Thank you, K.L. I am glad my posts are speaking to you – and you are coming to visit. It was good to hear that you had a chance to share Mother’s Day with your mom and family. Sweet times!! <3 Hugs back atcha! <3

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