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Get Some Fresh Air

Let’s get some fresh air.
Let’s for outside for a walk.
Go enjoy the birds!

Jose’ Luis Rodriguez

Social distancing
Is not for this bird cluster.
They’re ready to sing!

Michael Smith

Let’s sing a duet –
Sing with this Loggerhead Shrike.
Harmonize today.

Singing’s not your thing?
How about going out to fish?
The river’s calling!

Curtis Morgan on the Madison
Susan Phillips Photography

It’s easy to be
Six feet apart over here.
Come enjoy fishing!

That mountain’s the Sphinx;
It’s a landmark in these parts.
More from Susan’s lens:

Susan Phillips Photography

Listen to River
Singing its beautiful song.
It’s inviting you!

Let’s get some fresh air.
Go for a walk or go fish.
Let’s be creative.

Brian Christianson Photography

The clouds threaten snow
In my part of the world now,
But that won’t stop me.

Get some fresh air.
It’s good for your heart and soul.
See you tomorrow!

Let’s isolate together.

Comments on: "Get Some Fresh Air" (10)

  1. A good set of haikus and pics. I thought the bird cluster was a caterpillar at first.

  2. I love nature!

    • Yes, me too. We are being reminded to be good stewards of our earth, preserve nature, appreciate beauty. I hope we carry that message out of this pandemic.

  3. I love this! And nature! Thank you!

  4. The photography is awesome! Seeing the peaceful Madison River and the snow-covered Sphinx is a true blessing. Your use of Haiku deserves a second read. God’s peace!

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