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Add a Little Levity

A little Humor
During times of Tragedy
Ain’t sacrilegious!

Found this on FaceBook
It was in response to this post.

The Coronials
Will have a life of their own
Just like this virus

But, just in case my Haiku and pictures offend those who are in the midst of quarantine or have loved ones who are infected or family members who are the victims of this terrible pandemic, here is something on a more serious note:

My friend, Gloria, posted this on FB.

Some people are offended by the suggestion that we should dare to use the word, “Relax.” This is a time of heightened senses. A time to be on alert.

But ultimately, we know we are not in control. We know better than to believe someone who tells us he is… unless He is God.

So, God bless you, my friends.
Trusting or Terrified?
Afraid to make light of it?
I understand.

But, a little levity is good for the soul,
even in the midst of tragedy –
especially when all the toilet paper is gone!

We may have to come up with clever alternatives.

Got any other ideas?

Comments on: "Add a Little Levity" (10)

  1. 🙂 thank you for the smiles and the reminders Jan. 🙂

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  2. Jan, thank you for sharing smiles. We need to use humor in positive ways to keep our minds and attitudes lifted up from the daily doldrums we face. Every day it seems the world experiences another paradigm shift. Your friend, Gloria’s post nails it!

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  3. Nothing wrong with a little light humour. 😀
    Whatever happens, I trust God completely. x

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  4. Rhubarb leaves? This reminds me of the aftermath of the New York blackout some years ago.

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  5. Wonderfully done! You are absolutely correct, God is in control. Follow the guidelines for everyone’s protection and please be good to yourself, we are all God’s children!

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