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Gift from the Heart


The best kind of gift
Is the unexpected one
The gift from the heart


The Givers

It was Mother’s Day weekend. I went into Bozeman, our nearest city, to do a little shopping, get my nails done, and run a few errands.

After dear Jayson finished my manicure, while I was sitting there letting my nails dry, he and his adorable wife, Hannah (who is a pedicure expert), went into the back room. They came out wearing great big grins and carrying a gorgeous orchid plant and card.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” they said, as they handed the card and plant to me.

What a sweet, unexpected gift! The orchid sits on my kitchen counter… a daily reminder of these two lovely people.


Another time a “Gift from the Heart” was received totally unexpected was when my former kindergarten student – from 1962 – came to visit us.  Ty (he was so adorable, I named my son – born in 1965, after him) came to Montana from California with his wife, Roxanne. Can you imagine the joy that brought us?


I can’t think of a gift more precious than a visit from a former student! The gift of your presence, your time… So heartfelt!

Have you revisited a teacher who impacted your life? You should try it. Believe me, it is indescribably wonderful!!


Later, after Ty left, he and his wife sent us a thank you gift… a gift from his hands and heart. Knowing how strong y faith is, and sharing the love of the Trinity, Ty made me a cross. I have it hanging in a spot of honor on my dining room wall where I see it multiple times every day… and thank God for Ty and Roxanne, and their gift from the heart.


Have you been given a gift from the heart?
One that was totally unexpected?
Or have you given one to somebody “just because”??

Tell me about it!

Thanks for visiting JanBeek.
See you tomorrow.

Comments on: "Gift from the Heart" (5)

  1. riverlifepsalms1 said:

    The Lord’s been speaking to me and guiding me through your messages in the last weeks in ways you can never imagine.

    Encrypt encode
    it’s more than an ode
    directions from the Lord
    in stories you’ve told…

    His own little nudges and nuggets have come through your postings, helping me to continue, obey and follow His instructions and directions…One of these days real soon I’ll be able to reveal just how…

    the Lord’s used your messages just like glue
    keeping my feet even my shoe
    on His path never to depart
    while journeying along
    connecting the dots…

    Mrs. Jan, God’s used you as a vessel!!

    Liked by 1 person

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