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Look Up!

Look Up!

Look up to find the blue

Looking back at you.

Hidden behind clouds,

It’s there for you to see.



Don’t focus on the gray.

Just brighten up your day

By knowing that the sun

Is there for you and me.

sun on beach bench

We may not see it now,

But we’re assured somehow

The gray will pass away.

The Son’s there constantly.


Look up!

bird in sunset sky

God Bless You, dear friends…

See you tomorrow!

Comments on: "Look Up!" (19)

  1. Thanks for sharing the positive message. Jan, did you take the photographs?

  2. Wow Jan were is that place? Is beautiful

  3. Yes one thing we can be sure of is no matter how bleak it seems the sun will shine again!

  4. Love the poem and pics Jan!

  5. Lovely

  6. Sunny De said:

    You used my photos! Thank you, momma! 😘 Lovely poem πŸ₯°

    • I love your photos, De!! My answer should have been, “Yes, one of the three… and the other two are my daughter’s.” Sorry ’bout that!

  7. Beautiful πŸ’•

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