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Throw-Back Thursday

CF 2nd graders- 1999

Throw-Back Thursday

When you think back to days

Long gone, in their haze

Do you think of all the ways

Your life impacted others somehow?


Do you look into the faces

And see the hopeful traces

Of love and learning in the spaces

Between the distant then and now?


Some of those sweet smiles

Transcend the time and miles-

They “friend” their teacher while

She clicks the happy “Allow.”


Today I reach out in love

With Facebook’s help and God above

Smiling down like a cooing dove

Singing “I’ll love you forever!” (That’s my vow)


God bless all my former students –

What a privilege it was to walk with you

Through learning and growing –

And live to this age knowing

You remember me, too.


Just love one another… and let that lesson live on the longest…

What teachers do you remember fondly?


See you tomorrow!

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  1. Tiffany said:

    This brought tears to my eyes! You have always been my favorite teacher, the most memorable, kindest, and impactful. I’ve told my fiancé the story of calling you when I was in middle school, a sweet memory that I cherish! And not long after I received a handwritten letter from you, I still have it stored with me. I carry a huge grateful space in my heart for you, thank you for impacting my childhood in such a positive light!

    • Oh, Tiffany, your comment is so sweet! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to respond. There is a corner of my heart reserved with your name on it! ♥️🥰

  2. This is so beautiful, Jan! I would melt if my teacher wrote me this.

    I fondly remember my chemistry teacher back in high school. There was a time when I was really struggling with my subjects. That year, I had a terrible grade and was asked to repeat the class

    My chemistry teacher helped me so much. She knew I was bad at her subject, so she conducted after-school lessons for me.

    In the end, I passed and got promoted to the next class, thanks to her. 😊

    • Those caring teachers are worth their weight in gold, aren’t they? When I was a principal for 9 years at a year-round school with 1000 students, I always told my teachers, “ They won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!” It’s so true!

  3. Pamela Curtis Wiggins said:

    Though I remember all the names and faces of my teachers in elementary school (except first grade… For some reason, I don’t know my first grade teachers name. Robyn something from Carol Fowler?), My very best and most memorable teacher was Mrs. Herlocker from high school. I after lunch in her classroom almost every day for 3 years. She was there for me during the hardest time in my life, and was such a bright spot in those yucky teenage years. That being said, I could write a whole blog post naming at least one good or memorable thing about most of my teachers and quite a few teachers who never taught me… My broken leg in Mrs. Kory’s class, Miss Carlson becoming Mrs. Donaldson, Mr. Simmons always called me Miss Curtis. Mrs. Wilkins unknowingly saved my life, Mrs. Meadows came to my father’s funeral, and Mr. Campero let me tag along on the jazz band cruise though I didn’t play a jazz instrument… I sure miss those simple younger years.

    • What beautiful memories you have, Pamela! Thank you for reading my blog and taking time to respond. I’m delighted that so many teachers were caring and made a positive impact on your life. ❤️👌🏽

  4. Wonderful memories last with any teacher. My 40 years of teaching took me from Montana to Wyoming to Ohio.

    As a student, I have many memories of growing up in Billings (will publish a poem about some of these experiences). One of my favorite teachers was Mike Hink back in 6th grade. There are memories of playing dodgeball, singing, writing with fountain pens, and being on the safety patrol.

    • Thank you for sharing those memories. I can tell we would have lots to talk about when you come to Ennis and we have a chance to sit down and visit face-to-face! <3

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