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Family and Food


When we are with our family from Switzerland,

Food and wine are the foci of the day.

Preparing for the evening meal

Is our joy-filled version of play.


We plan and shop and try to see

If we can fix a meal so tasty and bright

That guests must take a picture of it

Before they can eat a single bite.


My son-in-law is an exquisite chef;

So, cooking a meal for him to eat

Is a summons that I rise to greet.

It’s a challenge that I love to meet.


I wait to see what André and DeDe say,

And I ask for sage and constructive advice.

Cooking is a hobby, a life-long endeavor,

And having a built-in expert is really nice!


Here you are, my blogging friends –

Enjoy a look at a few of our latest meals.

Maybe someday you can come to dine

And see how our Montana hospitality feels!

The rack of lamb with polenta and green beans I fixed last night.

André taught me how to fix it next time so all the “lollipops” are more evenly cooked.

The pork roast with mushroom cream sauce and potatoes au gratin and asparagus/sautéed almonds – – – mmmm – – – André fixed earlier this week. It was incredible!

Beef in a plum sauce with asparagus on cheesy potatoes –
garnished with parsley. Too pretty to eat!

DeDe and me happy to be in the kitchen together

Bob and André enjoying a relaxed visit between meals

A wine of choice for a meal out.

Another chef’s version of rack of lamb. Pretty, huh?

André – waiting for a meal in the beautiful area of Jackson Hole, WY

A dessert worth waiting for…

Another meal they had on their way to visit us. Mmmm… it’s called a Fire Roll. I love sushi. It’s my go-to meal when I have a chance to eat out. What is yours?

Loving One Another includes cooking and treating one another with food and hospitality, right? What’s your favorite meal to fix or eat at home?

Today is my TOPS day

(Take off pounds sensibly)

I think I’ll wait til my kids leave before I go back to weigh in.

Don’t you think that’s a good idea?



See you tomorrow

Comments on: "Family and Food" (9)

  1. Faith, Family, Fellowship and Food…

    With every stroke of your pen
    my ears do bend
    and my heart takes in
    every word………

    I promise you that it seems as if we must be Pinterest friends as well, because you’ve been bringing to life everything that I’ve been adding to my boards over the last few weeks. From “perfect pairings” which the Lord spoke unto me only days ago, to the rack of lamb, and even to the Italian creme sodas I’ve been looking at…..This has been both amazing and prophetic to say the least, and when I read this my knees get weak in eager anticipation for the manifestation of what the Lord has said and shown me….HIS PROMISES UNFOLDING!!

    It’s amazing how God speaks
    when our ears to Him we lean
    listening for His still small voice
    not by accident rather by choice
    intentionally sitting at His feet
    listening to His words
    from which we glean
    and graze just like a lamb
    after all He’s the Great I AM
    He can do this
    like none other can
    after all He’s the Great I AM

    Blessings and Love,

    • I love love love your poetic responses! You make my day! Yes, when we accept Ps. 46:10, it is amazing what we can glean!

    • I know I wrote a response to this beautiful reply from you, Anthony, but I don’t see it here. I need you to know how very much I appreciate your kind words and lovely poetry. You make me feel like Mary… sitting at YOUR feet and listening! Thank you so much! <3

      • Wow! I can see it on my side, and thanks for this message. It added more fuel to my tank and it further reminds me of how the Lord gives us His words to share and His words are empowered to make an impact! Thanks for all your lovely poetry as well! God is amazing!

  2. Enticing meals. (I suppose you might need sage advice about cooking)

  3. The food looks delicious! Can I join in next time haha? 🤤 sushi is definitely one of my meal fix!

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