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Take Joy!!

Take Joy!!

Day #10 in the A-Z series,
“Add Meaning and Purpose to Life”


Just grab that JOY hand
Squeeze it tightly to your heart
Reaching out’s the start

You Have Joy to Give Away

Wanna know how to add
More meaning to your day?
Share your happiness with others
In a humble, heart-felt way.

Find a way to supplement
The meager lives of others;
Reach out in joy-filled love
To your sisters and your brothers.

Recognize the hurting;
Look deeply into their eyes.
Acknowledge all humanity,
The wise – and the otherwise!

You may see someone you think
Is just a lazy, scrounging bum;
But look beneath the surface
To what makes their progress numb.

Avoid judging the covers
That hide the real inside.
Look beneath the surface;
Look beneath the needy hide.

Your joy is a gift you have
That’s meant to be shared each day.
Smiles and hugs cost nothing,
But their worth is more than we can say.

Read to a child or sit with a friend
Who needs your attention today.
Look for the one who needs you most.
You have joy to be given away!

Comments on: "Take Joy!!" (4)

  1. Your blog makes me happy!

  2. Sunny De said:

    I really like this poem. Great advice, ma. You never know what someone is going through. Reminds me of the two young men who asked a lonely elderly woman at a restaurant if she wanted to eat with them. She was very appreciative. She had recently lost her husband and told them, “My husband and I ate here often. Tomorrow would’ve been our 60th wedding anniversary.” Reach out to others with JOY!

    • Yes, that was a touching story. I remember reading it snd seeing the picture of the unlikely trio. You’re in Glen Burnie today, right? Reach out and give Laina a hug from MomBee, will you?

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