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Are you feeling trapped?

Know someone else who is?

Rescuing people isn’t like

The funny saying on my apron.


I can’t pick you up,

Tip you sideways,

And pour you out

Of your trap.


But in all seriousness,

We help rescue one another.

We can help others

Escape their traps.


Now don’t look at me

And call me Pollyanna.

I’m not a do-gooder,

But I have a secret.


It’s the path to love.

It’s the joy and peace

That are absolutely mine.

The path is Jesus!


Yes, the right answer

Was learned on Sunday

Way back when you

Were just a little kid.


Your Sunday School teacher

Asked you a question,

And you had the key to answer:

“Jesus!” He is the Way!


Don’t believe me?

Give Him a try.

If you’re feeling trapped,

Give your struggles to Jesus.


My Lord saved the groom

At the wedding feast.

He turned water into wine

And the guests celebrated.


If He can do that,

He can turn your challenges

Into learning opportunities.

He can unlock your traps!


I hope you really know

That guy named Jesus

Who came to unlock

The traps that bind us.


If He isn’t your friend,

I invite you to get acquainted.

Let Him rescue you.

He stands at your heart door.


Open it! Don’t remain

Trapped in a bottle, or

In sorrow, or in pain.

Whatever your question…


The answer is simply, “Jesus!”

He came to save us

From our entrapments.

Learn from Him – and be free!


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  1. […] via Trapped? — janbeek […]

  2. I absolutely love this and it is perfect to my recent post if you’re interested

  3. Ah. Beautiful picture…cute apron!

  4. I especially love how you tied it back to coming to Christ. He truly is the way and always readily available to welcome us. Amazing post.

  5. Just beautiful Jan, and so true.. Love was his message, and if we all but loved our neighbours as ourselves, and learnt to love and respect ourselves a bit more.. Then most of us would feel so much freer …
    Wishing you a peaceful weekend, <3

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