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Cold Enough?

I thought yesterday
was cold enough in Ennis;
Montana is cold!


Minus four degrees!
Then this morning’s reading is
Minus twenty-one!


Is it cold enough?
What temperature do you have
Where you are today?

Comments on: "Cold Enough?" (13)

  1. Ah. That’s quite very cold. Is it snowing?
    We are at 61 over here.
    Stay warm!


  2. That is VERY cold. I’m not sure if I can survive in that kind of weather. It’s hot where I am. Today’s temperature is 83°F.


    • I grew up in the Central Valley of California. That 84 sounds more familiar to me than the temperature we are experiencing. But, our bodies do a great job adjusting!

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  3. We’re about 10 degrees c

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  4. Oh my goodness! That is so cold! We are just about 32’ today, light snow flurries and heading into a cold week. We live in a valley that rarely sees freezing temps so I’m hoping for some snow! But it also means no camping this weekend..


  5. We have a little propane firepit for outside… that might be fun! We don’t have an indoor fireplace though, I wish we did.


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