Loving One Another

V = Vacations

Day #22 of my A – Z series of “What Makes Me Happy?”



Time off from routines

And a change of scenery

Are good for the soul



Photo by Anand Dandekar on Pexels.com

And for the body!

sliced vegetable and cooked food on white ceramic plate

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

A change of menu

Foods that taste and look different

Good for the spirit

New places to climb

To take routine off your mind

Are good for the heart


Family and friends
Sharing stories and good wine
Make life much more fine


Vacations mean fun
With our son and daughter, too
What is fun for you?


I love my bloggers
Who take a break to come read
You encourage me

Madison Range between spruce

Vacations are great

They make me happy, and yet

There’s no place like home.

What’s the”V” word that makes you happy?


(Victory for courageous women…. that was my hubby’s answer!)

Comments on: "V = Vacations" (15)

  1. V for vacation is perfect! Even if we can’t get out of our immediate surroundings, we can take a vacation in our mind by reading or writing. Let’s go!

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  2. Vocatation. Doing what I was destined to do.

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  3. Always stay blessed and live happily🤗🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love vacations, tooooo! A nice long one is coming up for us! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! And what a wonderful thing for daddy to say!

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  5. Nothing beats family holidays and spending loving time together Jan, Thank you for sharing your holiday pictures and I enjoyed my own little break here today my friend..
    LOVE and Peace sent your way.. ❤
    Enjoy your weekend

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