Loving One Another

Remaining Useful

When your hair is sparkling silver

And your chest is wrinkled skin,

How can your life be useful?

How can you keep your grin?

I’ll tell you all my secret –

It’s not too hard to know.

You have to find your niches

And stay useful as you grow.

You can’t let age impale you

And make you feel extinct.

You have to keep on growing

And keep your life distinct!

So find out where your passions

Lead you to volunteer –

And soon skin and hair tone

Will bring you cause to cheer!

It’s only when we’ve given

A life of service sincere

That we can join the chorus

In a heartfelt round of cheer.

We must resolve to remain useful.

We must share our time with glee.

Then the outer image fades away,

And our joy is all they see!

Comments on: "Remaining Useful" (11)

  1. This was so beautiful… Cheers to your spirit…

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  2. Absolutely love this 😊❀️

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  3. Wonderful wonderful poem! Thank you SO much for giving so much of yourself to help others. I love you! I hope I’m at least half the woman you are when I retire!


  4. Thank you, DeDe, for the beautiful response. Of course you will never stop giving your sunshine to those around you. That’s who you are!! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ€—β™₯️😍


  5. Awesome Jan. I started seriously volunteering my time about eight years ago and I love it. I hope to do much more once I retire. It’s seriously rewarding and good to serve others in need.

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