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All About Mom

She was witty
She was strong
She worked hard
All day long

She was cranky
She was smart
She always finished
Whatever she’d start

She was pretty
She was neat
She was clever
But not too sweet

She was never
Without an opinion
Expressing ideas
Was her dominion

She loved Lodge
And organization
Any laziness
Was her frustration

She loved poetry
And crooning songs
Her eye was tuned
To finding wrongs

She loved her girls
With all her heart
I know that more
Now that we’re apart

She always boasted
Behind our back
Whatever we needed
We’d never lack

She was a guide
She was no saint
A perfect mom
No, that she ain’t

But would I trade her
For another mother?
My heavens, NO!
I want no other


If you were to write a poem
or sing a song about your mom,
what would you have to say?

Here’s a beautiful tribute
to a mom from her three sons.
I love it! I dedicate it to my
dear children, Ty (his wife, Monika) & De,
and to my other daughter, Laina.
Thank you for being such great parents!!

Happy Mother’s Day
to all my blogging friends.

I hope your day is wonderful!


Comments on: "All About Mom" (16)

  1. Great photo of you and your mom. The photo says it all. Happy mother’s day

  2. A great post! You have a snazzy mom! I love your poem. Such great reflections. Well done.

  3. Fran McNeill said:

    You were right Jan! These brothers were precious! What a lovely tribute to Mom 💗💞❤️💕💓

    • Didn’t you get a kick outta seeing the baby picture of that first brother who sang – his face hadn’t changed at all!!

  4. Thank you Jan for sharing this special tribute! As for my mother, I am still in amazement that she raised six children (born between 1956 and 1967). While my father was the provider, my mother was busy with so many other details. Amazing!

  5. Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. Very sweet tribute to your mom. Blessings!

    • Thank you, {{{Donna}}} … I’d love to hear about your mom. 😘

      • Well she is definitely different now than when we were little kids. The good Lord got ahold of her heart. Trust me, you would not like to know all the things of my childhood. That is all water under the bridge. Can’t bring up what Christ has set free. But thank you (((Jan))) <3

      • That’s a very wise attitude! Yes, water under the bridge … let it be!

  6. A wonderful and special tribute to your mom – many blessings to you!

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