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What public figure do you disagree with the most?

From my Christian perspective, this prompt is a no brainer for anyone in the USA with a moral bone in his/her body. But I have good Christian friends who disagree with me, so why open the gap and create more divisiveness?

Let Justice reign!

Can we disagree and still love one another?

Let peace and unity be our goal.

Amen? Hugs to you from … JanBeek ❤️🙏🏽🥰

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  1. A wise response to this further example of WP’s crass prompts. Do they really want to open up conflict in the posts?

  2. Love this – “Let peace and unity be our goal.”

  3. Which politician? I’m looking for E. All of the above. I can agree that none of the current politicians that I am aware of hold my principles in there hearts. Pelosi and Biden claim to be Catholic but follow none of the teachings of Jesus. And if there’s one teaching that I’ve missed, its probably not in the 10 commandments. Trump is like a Clinton from the standpoint regarding affairs with women whether married or otherwise. I could go on, but my point is, no one holds their head up and is innocent as the lamb, who walks in peace, who teaches righteousness over evil.

    So I’m choosing E. All of the above.

    • Oh Peter, we NEED the “one holds their head up and is innocent as the lamb, who walks in peace, who teaches righteousness over evil.” Surely we can attempt to imitate Him, can’t we? Do you think there are public figures out there who do? I would rather focus on them…

  4. Dear Jan, I wonder if an Australian has the right to vote. If there was a poll? The really sad thing is that I think the “Great American Experiment” is over and it failed. But worst of all, Australia has been infected with the same poison.

    • I’m not giving up on us yet! And people like you are Australia’s antidote… Keep your head up, your ideals expressed, and your penicillin flowing!

  5. <3

  6. Great words!

  7. InspiritedLouis said:

    What a beautiful message, Jan! Agree to disagree.

    Also, I recommended your blog in my most recent post. Among other things, we need your love and faith redirect!

  8. You just called them “good people” after claiming they have no moral bone in their bodies. If you really didn’t want to be divisive, you just wouldn’t have answered the prompt.

    • You’re exactly right, Crystal. I wish I had not answered. It was a divisive prompt. And I bit. I regret it.

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