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two brown bears on grass field
Photo by Francisco Cornellana Castells on Pexels.com

On this day after Mother’s Day,
I was enchanted by this video
of a Mama Bear and her cub.
The parenting style astounded me!

I hope you can see it when you click on the link beow:


This is “Tenacity Personified”.
Watching it is “Patience Personified”.
Mama Bear is “Confident Parenting” personified.

Would I have been that confident?

Would I have had the tenacity
to hang in there long enough
to let my child succeed
on his/her own?

Nope, probably not!

I’d no doubt have rushed down to rescue.

How about you?

Have a Marvelous Monday!


This picture of us was taken yesterday on Mother’s Day by our friend Ted. He is a 95-year-old retired photographer who is temporarily at the Manor Nursing Home recovering from a broken back. It’s good of Bob, don’t you think? Usually when I get a picture of him smiling, his eyes are closed! Thank you, Ted!

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  1. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. DeDeBee said:

    That IS a wonderful photo of you two! 🥰 Please send it to me, ok? I will watch the video in a bit. ☺️

    • Ya, you will be amazed at that cub’s tenacity! And thank you… yes, I’ll send the photo 👍🏽❤️

  3. Is there a link for the video? I don’t see it. I’m in the Reader, perhaps that’s why.

  4. (((Jan))) Great picture of you and Bob!!!
    I loved that video. The baby bear was persistent! I thought she was going to make it the third time when she went over to her momma’s pawprints, then she went downhill again. Even when she went in her momma’s way and not her own she still slid.
    It just really made me think. I especially imagined God being at the top waiting for me to get there. I get so close then something happens and Boom! down I go. Then again, I try and again I slip even further. I get so close sometimes. Then Boom! Oh, for the day I can just be at peace walking with Him at the top without any more Booms.

  5. Wonderfull

    • Thank you, Jaguar, for visiting JanBeek and leaving your affirmation. Have a Fabulous Friday! 👍🏽😃

  6. A wonderful photo of you two! I know you have the tenacity of a momma Bear!

  7. You two look great! Wonderful photo. I love that bear’s tenacity! Amazing!!

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