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Porcelain Dancers

Porcelain dancers –
Gift from Mom:

She gifted me
On my fortieth.

The Septolet is a poem consisting of seven lines containing fourteen words with a break anywhere in between the two parts. Both parts deal with the same thought and create a picture.

My porcelain girls are a 1979 gift from my mom for my 40th birthday. Created by German artist, Lorenz Hutschenreut, they are called “Ring Around the Rosie” – This 3 Girls May Day dance figurine is priceless to me!

Mom knitted my sweater,
fixed my hair,
arranged for the photographer,
captured our love
forever in this photo.

But, the real capture of love for me
was more than just in my childhood…
She continued to gift me
with her strength,
her optimism, and
her encouragement
for the rest of her life.

When I take out my dancing girls
and decorate the vase with flowers,
I am taken back to my fortieth,
back to my childhood,
back to time with Mom.

What a treasure!

Here Mom is with my sis, Sally, and me – – –
and my daughter, DeDe.
I like to think that
we three are the “Dancing Girls.”

Ah, such sweet memories!

Do you have a special item of some sort
that brings you back to your childhood?

Something that’s priceless to you
because of the memories packed into it?

Tell me about it.
Maybe try your hand at a septolet!


Comments on: "Porcelain Dancers" (14)

  1. Love this! The doily under your dancing girls brings good memories back to me. I have one very similiar, but larger handed down to me by my my Grandmother, or my Aunt. I have several from them both, but can’t remember for sure which one made this one.😍

    • Thank you very much, Sheryl, for your thoughtful response. My doily was a gift from my dear mother-in-law. She was a marvelously creative, generous, wise woman. I was so blessed to be in the family with her! One of her other talents was making Fabrage’ eggs. So precious!

  2. Fran McNeill said:


    • Thank you, Fran, for visiting my post. Do you have an answer to that question? Do you have “Something that’s priceless to you because of the memories packed into it?”

  3. Elaina Colby said:

    I do love those porcelain dancers! They tell such an amazing story all on their own.
    I was gifted with a loving, kind, generous, smart, confident and beautiful mother and when she was taken to heaven too early in her life, she and God gifted me with a second mom in you! You are so caring, considerate and kind and I am so fortunate to be part of your family and your second daughter! I cherish you and thank God every day for love!

    • Awwww, LainaLainaLaina… what a sweet answer to my question. We are the ones who are blessed by your presence in our family!!! <3 <3

  4. I love your post. The pictures really make it come alive. I can see by the first photo that you and your mom were very close. Who is the handsome guy taped to the China closet behind you?
    I do have a little porcelain dish that is like two fancy bowls the one on top has a hole in the center.

    • Hi Dwight. Thanks for your kind comment and sharing. The man in the photo behind us ladies is my sister’s late husband, Dave. He died of a heart attack at the young age of 60.

  5. A fine tribute, Jan. I don’t think I have anything from my childhood except for my photographs and https://derrickjknight.com/2020/09/20/familiar-trees/

    • I went back and read that prior post. Interesting that your parents helped you develop such a fine appreciation for good literature. About that time in my life, I was buying comic books!! Bugs Bunny was my favorite!

  6. Books about Presidents
    Washington and Lincoln
    Lifetime gift
    Stirring memories

    Love’s treasures
    From Grandparents

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