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We’re Back!!

Hello, Montana Sunrise

Hello beautiful sunrise from my dear North Carolina friend!

Hello Montana Snowdrifts!

Hello, dear friend, who walked over the 3’ drift to come say,
“I’m here to plow you out!”
(Oh my, look how the snow came in the front door!)
God bless our helpers!

Hello Daughter#2 back in Maryland.
Thank you for your love, hospitality,
transportation, and luscious food!
We miss you already.

Hello Lacey!
You’re such a lucky pup to have your
“People Grama” taking care of you
while your parents are on their honeymoon!

Hello Daughter#1…
So glad you’re back safely in Switzerland,
enjoying a luscious dinner with your hubby. 👍🏽

Hello PicNick!
Hey, DeDe,
How fun that your #2 son
came to visit and to show you
his new car!
Congratulations, Nicky
(my #2 grandson).
We’re so glad for you!!

Hello again, Lacey!
Yes, I know, you need attention!!

Hello Montana sunset!
Another day gone by,
and we are so grateful for clear skies,
for friends, neighbors, WP contacts and their comments,
and for our local chiropractor who helped relieve my body aches!

(That was my first visit in my 83 1/2 years
to see a chiropractor.
I wonder why
I waited so long!)

Have you ever been to one?

Whew! Feeling like an Angel just touched me!
I hope you’ve had a blessed day, too, my friends.

Bee 🐝 well- and free of pain!

See ya tomorrow.
Hah! It’s tomorrow already…
I forgot to click “Publish” on this one yesterday ;o(

Love ya,

Comments on: "We’re Back!!" (10)

  1. My heart aches to move to Montana. We were there years ago for a week-long conference and the memories are still fresh in my mind. Thanks for sharing phots.

  2. You’re welcome, Tangie. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to post a comment. You can come visit us in Montana anytime… but recommend sometime besides winter!!

  3. i dream of living in Montana, 🙂
    Thank You for sharing your day, and it is the perfect ending to mine
    Takecare…You matter…

  4. Elaina Colby said:

    Hello Mom! I miss you!

  5. A lovely post from a typically vibrant Jan

  6. Jan, your sunrise and sunset photos from Madison Valley remind me why Montana is sometimes called the Treasure State. It really has nothing to do with the rich mineral, timber, and farming treasures. Nature’s treasures and the gifts of hospitality will always call me back to the Big Sky.

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