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Reblog #5 – Bee Thankful

November is designated as a month to reblog some of my favorite posts from years past. Here is one from November of 2013.

Bee Thankful


Bee thankful
Bee cheerful
Bee prayerful
Life is just a bowl of honey!

Bee grateful
Bee forgiving
Bee carefree
Life is more than food and money!

Bee faithful
Bee mindful
Bee generous
Life is all about giving!

Bee compassionate
Bee humble
Bee a dreamer/doer
Life is Christ-like living!

Bee consistent
Bee persistent
Bee observant
Life is a constant prayer!

Bee joyful
Bee honest
Bee transparent
God is always there!

I am Thankful… for every new day.
How about you?

God bless you! Have a lovely Sunday.
See you with gratitude tomorrow.

Love and hugs,

Comments on: "Reblog #5 – Bee Thankful" (5)

  1. Me too, Jan! I will forever BEE grateful! 💛🙏🏻🍁🍂

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  2. Fine messages. Yes, I, too am thankful for each new day

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  3. Loved this! I just reposted because it made me think of my friends at Pledge the Pink, Team Boo Bees 🐝 🦩 thank you for your amazing words! Bless you Jan!

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    • Thank you so much, Charlotte. My mom had breast tumors. All were benign, she said. But, she was told the more she got, the more chance the next one would be malignant. So, she just had both breasts removed. That was probably 40 years ago. The medical community has learned so much since then!

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  4. May we always praise the Lord with our daily gratitude.

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