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If I had space in my WordPress photo gallery, I would show you a series of photos of this place in Ennis, Montana where we are blessed to live. BUT, to add more photos, I have to erase older photos. The program tells me I am at 100% capacity! How does Derrick Knight manage to post so many beautiful photos of his garden on https://derrickjknight.com every day without running out of space? I need to discover his secret!

Meantime, what I did was put the photos on a Facebook post – and give you the link here so you can go there to see where we are inviting you to come visit. I hope you will/can check it out!


I’ll put one here as a teaser – hoping you’ll click that FB link and go see more, OK?

Bob & Jan love company… and now that my hand is better and I can be a hostess again, I hope you will consider a trip! We are just one hour from Yellowstone – and the entrance (nearest us) to the park is open now – and the road that takes you to Old Faithful is open, too… following those terrible floods a few weeks ago. Beekman B&B is full July 2-6, but after that, July is clear on our calendar!!

Our kitchen windows with the gorgeous lilac bush

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It’s our daughter’s 35th anniversary this weekend… DeDe, the one who lives in Switzerland. We look forward to visiting them in the end of August.

Meantime, my devotional today in “Mornings with Jesus” encouraged me to “Find a quiet place. Write down any problems that surround you. Thank Jesus for being bigger than those problems.” It is not hard to find a quiet place here… and it is easy to live gratefully for daily healing of my broken finger and hurting hand, and to thank God for the beauty of nature and the peacefulness of this place. Come see for yourself!

Thanks for visiting JanBeek

Tell me what you’re doing this lovely weekend…
See ya Monday (I’m taking a day off tomorrow)
Jan Beekman

Comments on: "Come Visit Us in Montana!" (12)

  1. JAN, it is morning here in the ILLAWARRA of NSW, AUSTRALIA. It is great to find your blog first thing in the morning. I like your blog very much. I would love to visit. Alas, you live a bit too far away from where I live. I call myself extremely lucky to also live in a beautiful quiet, secluded place! May your broken finger and hurting hand feel better every day!

    I had a CARPAL TUNNEL RELIEF OP on my left hand a few days ago. It feels like slowly, slowly, there is a bit of improvement. Daughter Monika with partner Mark are taking me out to a cinema today. We are going to see The Drover’s Wife.

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  2. Jan, this post shares a wonderful invitation. The Montana Big Sky is one of a kind . . . the last best place!

    We traveled to Montana to see family and attend our grandson’s graduation over Memorial Day weekend. Alas, Covid followed me to Bozeman, and we had to cut off trip with much disappointment. We pretty much missed everything and everyone.

    I knew you were still recovering from your surgery. So thankful your finger has been healing nicely.


    • Oh my! I can’t click “like” on this. Where’s the “sad” emoticon when I need it!?? What a shame to come for an important family event and then have COVID rob you of the fun. I am so sorry!!

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  3. I’m very pleased about your hand, Jan. I pay for a business subscription which costa about £130 per annum. Thanks you for the linkage. X

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  4. What a gorgeous, gorgeous place, dear Lady Jan! If ever I come to the States, I know just where I would like to find myself. Glad to read about your hand. Take care and have a great Tuesday!

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  5. Well, Kanika, we sure would welcome you with open arms. Let me know when you know you might find yourself in the states! Thank you for dropping by and leaving your affirmative comment!


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