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All Are Welcome

I bet you choose love, too.

Today in church, the choir taught the congregation a new hymn. At least it was new to us. About verse three, the congregation couldn’t hold – they had to (simply HAD to) join in… and the message resonated with everyone there.

I was reminded of the slogan at Bloom in the Desert where we attended several different Januarys when we vacationed near Palm Springs, CA: “We welcome all who welcome all.”

Wouldn’t it be grand if all people could exhibit that level of inclusivity?

Aren’t those lyrics wonderful?
Did you find yourself singing along?

Hallelujah! Love is grown in this place! I am so happy to worship in a place where “All Are Welcome.” I just wish we could cultivate more diversity in our little corner of Montana. We came from California 15 years ago. Our community in CA was made up of people from many ethnicities. I miss that! Montana does have a large Native American population, though. I wish more of them would move into southwest Montana!

Meet a couple of very talented brothers:

What can we
– as diversity-loving citizens –
do to encourage more of that
“We Welcome All” attitude
in our world?

Share some ideas with me.

Big hugs to you.
Have a beautiful Sunday.
Left hand is gaining flexibility
and strength every day.
Thanks for your prayers.
Keep smiling!!

I send my love to you.
See you tomorrow (God willing)

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  1. marvellous post Jan… You certainly share the LOVE my friend.. And glad to read your had is gaining more mobility and you are even colour coordinated with your Beveridge lol…
    Sending HUGS dear Jan.. <3

  2. Fran McNeill said:

    Love this πŸ’— Thank you Jan πŸ«‚

  3. What a beautiful post Jan. I loved that hymn, so much meaning. Those two brothers played one of my favorite songs. I really enjoyed listening to their talent. Thank you for sharing this post.

    • Thank you for your kind remarks. I enjoyed the brothers’ music, too / and the hymn is so meaningful. Thank you for reading, listening & taking time to comment. πŸ‘πŸ½β€οΈ

  4. Inspiring post! Jan, thanks for sharing these encouraging words. The hymn adds so much as well.

  5. After listening to the echoing melody of Hallejuh” by the brothers, I just have to share again. When we carry the love of Jesus in our hearts, we need to share its harmony just as these brothers have done. Blessings Jan.

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