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Embrace the Unexpected

Are you flexible?
Enjoy the unexpected –
Invite surprises!

The unexpected
May feel like it’s hot water.
How do you react?

Find the surprises
That are positive in there.
Look for the blessings.

What unexpected
Things have you experienced
During this past year?

This 100 year old silo in Malta, Montana
is the source of our new wood floors.
Paul (standing on the top of the silo)
is repurposing the wood – one floor at a time.

He was scheduled to use some of the wood
to replace our wood floors last year.
Instead he fell, broke some ribs, and was
having massive headaches. Couldn’t work!

The unexpected fall caused the doctors
to take a good look at his head
to try and determine why the headaches.
The images showed a brain tumor!

If not for the fall, the tumor might not
have been discovered – at least not so soon.
After surgery successfully removed the tumor
and the ribs healed, Paul was able to work again.

We had seen the wood being installed
in the cabin of some friends nearby.
Bob fell in love with the character
of that 100 year old floor with the nail holes.

It was totally unexpected that we would
one day be enjoying that beauty in our home,
but it is done now – and Paul has totally recovered.
Count your blessings – they come in many forms!

“May he grant you your heart’s desire
and fulfill all your plans!

Psalm 20:4 ESV

Bob’s enjoying the unexpected sunshine
on this day that started with snow.
God bless the blessing
of blue sky!

See how beautiful our floors look with
the warmth of the milk chocolate walls?
And it goes so well with the rug
we brought up from downstairs!

Tell me about an unexpected blessing
you have experienced recently.
It doubles our blessings
when we share them.

Thanks for visiting JanBeek
See ya tomorrow (God willing)

Comments on: "Embrace the Unexpected" (13)

  1. Elaina Colby said:

    I did not know the backstory about Paul, his fall and injury and his brain tumor. Wow! God works in mysterious ways. And your floors look just beautiful. I am currently expecting the unexpected as I continue down the path of my new job. I trust in God’s will and plan.

  2. Anonymous said:

    Paul and the floor are perfect examples. One of ours was your visit. How could we have known it would be such a treat?

    • Awww, that’s a sweet answer, Derrick. It was certainly a more memorable and delightful visit than we could have imagined for us, too. ❤️👌🏽

  3. I love the floors!! Just the type of wood flooring I love!
    God works in mysterious ways. I am glad Paul is doing well!

  4. What an interesting story about your carpenter! Glad he caught the tumor in time!

  5. Absolutely beautiful, Jan. You are truly blessed. I am fortunate to have blessings happen every day. Like you wrote, I look for them. 🤗❤️🙏

  6. Isn’t our God amazing? What a miracle for Paul and Jan, your home, and it’s decor and the beautiful wood, is so stunning. Bob looks so content and peaceful sitting there. I admired the things in your room. I’ve lived in two log cabins and miss them! But I love my home for sure. My unexpected blessing was that I presented to a total of 140 students this week. It was at the Primary School where I began my administrative career 21 years ago (I was so young and naive ~still young to some, a bit more wise now ;)). The Principal now was our music teacher then. She’s about ten years older and a true friend and blessing. By only God two teachers, who live many miles away and used to be there with us, just happened to come by. It made for such a sweet reunion. God spoke through me when presenting about early childhood literacy, listening, and school readiness, because one family shared how they love I shared my faith. I’m addition, I sold 60 books and because of this blessing I was able to buy me a new computer which I’ve needed for 3 years. I embrace the unexpected and am so thankful to God for the way he works miracles. 💛

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