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Embrace Relief

When is the last time you felt relief?
Yesterday I told you my daughter bought a bike –
Not an ordinary bike – a big ole motorcycle!
She told me, “This one’s for ME!”

I thought that meant her hubby would have his,
And she would have her own to ride.
I told you I would not be eagerly anticipating that.
Well, come to find out, she would not either!

No, Mom… I am not driving a motorcycle…
We traded in our other one. Andre’ will drive.
It’s for me because it is more comfortable
And it has more space for carrying things.

I am relieved to say the least.

How about you? Would you be up for driving this?
If that were your daughter, would you be relieved
That she is not intending to be in the driver’s seat?
Sitting in the rear is challenge enough!

Here’s my version of riding a bike:

Photo by Noelle Otto on Pexels.com

I thought that was pretty cute…
A pregnant mom on her bike,
Pulling a trike that’s for her child –
The one that was due in December of 2017.

That baby is nearly four years old now…
I bet it is a relief to have him/her
On that trike now.
Yup, Embrace Relief!!

This topic is a good follow-up
To the subject yesterday:
Embrace Expectant Waiting.
When what you’ve waited for comes…

It’s a relief!

Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

R eady?

Dream about what you want tomorrow to be.
Imagine the very best possible outcome.
Then pray your reality will be even more than that.
Feel the sense of relief when dreams come true.

Wrap your troubles in dreams
and dream your troubles away!

What a relief when sunshine follows the rain!

But don’t let the rain stop you!
Embrace the rain – dance in it!

Then pray for the sunshine to follow!

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels.com

Don’t forget to thank God for those answered prayers!

Ah yes, it’s a relief when things turn out better than we even expected.

Photo by Nashua Volquez on Pexels.com

Thank you, Lord, for sparing us the worry
Of a daughter driving a motorcycle
On the narrow switchback Alpine roads.
It’s hard enough to trust her safety as a back seat rider!!

Ah what a relief it is!

See ya tomorrow (God willing)
Have a good night.

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  1. I’m with you, Jan! Your version of a bike is what I would say mine is! I would be so nervous about my daughter even riding in the back of one. 😬 It’s pretty though!

    • Hah! “Pretty is as pretty does” – Forrest Gump said that! So let’s hope they “does” safely – and enjoy a pretty drive from Switzerland to Turkey this September – remaining healthy and alive! Thanks, Renee, for weighing in <3 Have a beautiful day <3

  2. I rode on the back of a motorbike bike once – more than 60 years ago. I have never been tempted since.

  3. They will do what they will do! That seat looks very comfortable. Riding a motorcycle is always living on the edge! Hopefully all will go well. Love the pregnant woman pulling the trike! Great post Jan!

  4. Jan, I have never been a motorcycle guy! Growing up, one of my neighbors was in high school (older than me). He allowed me to ride his motorcycle on the sidewalk, and I quickly lost control. Besides my car, the only other motorized vehicle I’ve driven is a riding lawn mower. None of my daughters are motorcycle riders.

    • Like you, I am not fond of them, either. I prefer to have protection surrounding me when I am out on the open road! Thanks for your response, {{{Richard}}} – we are kindred spririts!

  5. Sunny De said:

    Awwwww! Very sweet post, ma! I am eagerly looking forward to going on the “new” motorcycle tomorrow morning on our first day off in quite a while! And André didn’t trade in his other motorcycle but will drive it when he’s alone (well, without ME 😆) I’m so glad you’re relieved I won’t be driving it. Nope. Don’t wanna start learning to drive those two wheelers at my age! I love you 😘💓

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