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Embrace Growth

Growth comes in many different forms
Physical, psychological, spiritual –
Three of the ways we grow.
Am I growing?
Are you?

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Sometimes, like the caterpillar,
We have to STOP to grow.
We have to hide out.
We learn to quit.
Don’t push.

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So, I determined several days to rest.
I rested last week and yesterday.
I didn’t come here to blog.
Hear the Holy Spirit.
Settle my mind.

My days of rest from blogging
Were focused on listening –
Receiving His guidance,
Feeling God leading,
Really tuning in,

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Now I’m sitting with a box on my head.
I’m waiting expectantly –
Hoping that someone
Will lift the box –
Lead me

And when I am again safely home,
Lift the box and help me
Emerge from chrysalis
To spread my wings
And grow into

Embrace Growth!

Happy Sunday to you!

May this be a week of emergence and growth.

Hugs to you!

Thanks for visiting JanBeek

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See ya tomorrow (God willing)


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  1. Taking a break can be good. Well done

  2. True words, we should learn to embrace growth and always know when to pause to re-energize.

  3. I can relate to your discussion Jan. While my writing serves as a therapeutic tool at times, the Word of God recharges my batteries like nothing else. Sometimes I, too, take a respite from the world of blogging. When I return, I feel so much more energized. God’s grace and peace.

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