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Embrace Laughter

Comic Tammy

If you can laugh at yourself,
Laughter will always be with you.
We do the darndest things!!

Flight Attendant

On our trip home from Eugene, Oregon via Seattle, WA, we “lost” our carry-on suitcase. Because of a shortage of overhead bin space, we were asked to leave our carry-on at the entrance of the plane. At the end of the flight, the cart rolled out with all the luggage and ours wasn’t on it. There was a blue bag like ours, but it had a strange-looking lock on it, and it was a little bigger than ours, and the color wasn’t exactly right.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We figured somebody had accidentally picked up the wrong bag. We reported the missing bag to the flight attendant.

“You’re sure this isn’t yours?” she asked.

“We’re sure!” we both chimed in.

So, this gracious masked flight attendant escorted us to the Alaska Airlines Passenger Assistance desk.
On the way we exchanged pleasantries.
She discovered we’d been married 59 years.
She asked about our destination.
We asked about her life.
We had plenty of time to share.
It was a long walk to the help desk.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

At the customer service desk, the attendant took our phone number and other contact information and assured us that we’d be contacted when the person who mistook our bag for theirs realized their mistake and returned it.

We thanked her again and got her contact info from her. Later she sent us a picture of herself unmasked so we’d recognize her if she came to visit us in Montana. We really hope she will!!

As we were headed for our next departure gate to continue our travel home to Bozeman, MT, we saw another flight attendant wheeling a blue carry-on toward the help desk. Something caused us to turn around, follow him, and inquire about that suitcase when he got to the Alaska Airlines customer service area.

Our sweet and helpful flight attendant still was in that area. She came over to see the blue bag that was left behind and get an update on what was happening. The two attendants looked at the bag, turned the tag on it over and examined the name/address on it.

“Beekmans?” the male attendant asked?

“Yes,” we replled.

“This is your bag!” he told us.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Pexels.com

We felt soooo stupid! We BOTH had denied that bag could be ours. We had created a hassle for the flight attendant and ourselves. NEEDLESSLY. We felt like such morons! We profusely apologized. They chuckled. We laughed out loud… a laugh filled with embarrassment.

Our sweet flight attendant patted us on the back. Gave us a comforting smile and said, “It could happen to any of us. Don’t worry!”

She said she wanted to adopt us as her “Marriage longevity role models.”

Thank you, Lisa!!

Ah, 59 years together! We often tell folks it takes the two of us to complete one another… two halves make a whole.

At that moment we thought we had both become slightly senile. Neither of us felt like half of a whole!! Maybe a quarter?

We can’t afford to have BOTH of us lose a few marbles. HELP!!

As we rolled our bag – hmmm… why hadn’t we noticed that lock on there before? Hmmm … was it really this size? Hmmm … why hadn’t we noticed the shade of blue?

We got the giggles. We laughed at our own feeble-mindedness and decided what we needed was a good glass of wine, a taco snack, and a chance to just sit and relax before we boarded the next flight.

I received a text from our dear flight attendant. She assured us that we were the highlight of her day. She sent us a picture of her beautiful family and invited us to come visit her if we are ever in the area where she lives. I can just hear her sharing the story about this “adorable old couple, married 59 years, not recognizing their own suitcase” and getting a good laugh for years to come.

We’re able to laugh about it, too. We hope she really will take us up on it and come to visit us in Montana!

The moral of the story:

The next time you do something stupid, give each other a high five. Get a good laugh at yourself, and realize:

You are not alone!
Laugh together.
No one can laugh AT you,
if they are laughing WITH you!

Embrace laughter.

Photo by Blue Bird on Pexels.com

And, by the way,
do you have some kind of bright florescent ribbon
that we can tie onto our luggage?

Something that we can’t mistake for someone else’s?

Send it along to us!!
And have a great Thursday!



Oh- and by the way, that girl at the top with her tongue out?
That’s Bob’s niece, Tammy.
She has a great sense of humor.
As a nurse – especially during this COVID-19 pandemic,
Laughter has been a saving grace!
Gotta keep your spirits up!!

Thanks, Tammy, for all you do to help others!

Comments on: "Embrace Laughter" (18)

  1. This is such a wonderful story, Jan!! It made me giggle with glee. I think the two of you are adorable. And the flight attendant is too sweet too! We have to laugh!! My parents find themselves laughing a lot at one another. Mom doesn’t want Dad to get hearing aids~she said she wouldn’t be able to laugh as much {she loves hearing his reply to what he THINKS he heard lol}. Hugs and giggles Jan! Thank you for being a light in this world. Love, Karla

    • Thank you, {{{Karla}}} – I am glad I made you laugh. We don’t have enough of that in this world. Tell your mom to let your dad get hearing aids… the shared ideas and ability to hear them is such a relief! That way we can laugh at the same thing simultaneously without having to wait for a translator!! <3

  2. What a fun story. I can so relate to things like that happening. Sometimes, I can’t see the obvious thing in front of me. At least you made a new friend.

  3. One of your best stories yet. I can’t resist sending you this one which I couldn’t laugh at at the time. You only need to read the paragraph beginning “My greatest primary school shame”

  4. Indeed, sometimes we just need to laugh at life’s insignificant moments. I had a similar experience when I forgot where I had parked our car.

    • Did you require assistance to find the car – or did you use your key fob to hear your car beep at you? We lost our car in a multi-story, multi-building parking lot once and had to have an attendant with his jitney drive us around for an hour before we finally found it. We were younger then… and couldn’t chalk it up to senility. Had a hard time laughing at ourselves. Have learned to do so since then! :o)

      • Ah Jan! You can totally relate. We had parked in a lot we never park in, and we totally spaced out where we had parked. For some reason, the car wasn’t in its usual parking area. Mall security helped us locate the car.

  5. Elaina Colby said:

    I love this story MomBee! What a little adventure! I still give you kudos for your independence and stamina. I hope I am the same in my 80’s! Also, you wouldn’t have met and chatted with Lisa if it hadn’t happened.

    • Very true! That was definitely a bonus! I hope she really will come here – – – and bring her dear husband – – – and we really do hope we can take her up on the offer to visit her in her Idaho cabin in the mountains. Such a gift to meet such a darling young lady!! <3

  6. Anonymous said:

    Motor Home Story can’t be beat!

  7. Lisa Myers said:

    Love you Jan thank you this story is hilarious and glad to be a part of the fun!

  8. Love this Jan! What a fun and funny story! I have done the same many times. I see my luggage passing by on the conveyor belt but decide it is not mine, just looks like mine. Only to eventually decide to check and realize it is mine after all.
    I am glad all ended well and you made a new friend!
    Blessings! ♥♥

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