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Embrace Emptiness

Lest our cup be emptied,
There’s no room for any more.
Lest we leave the empty tomb
We won’t know what is in store.

So, let’s embrace the emptiness
With gratitude and grace
Knowing that on the morn,
We’ll see the Savior’s face.

Meantime, in the emptiness
Of this quiet Holy Saturday,
Contemplate the miracle of His grace
And thank Him for coming our way.

Today we experience loneliness
Like the day after a loved one’s funeral…
But tomorrow we will understand
The gift He gave of Life Eternal.

God bless you, my friends.
I send my love,

Comments on: "Embrace Emptiness" (15)

  1. The last sentence sums it up perfectly.
    The celebration and victory to come tomorrow is as a result of the price He paid on the cross yesterday.
    Blessings to you and yours also.

  2. God bless you, Jan! Amen to every word!

  3. Bless you Jan! Happy Easter!

    • Thank you, {{{Fran}}} – – – I sure look forward to our ability to meet again in person. Have a Happy Easter, dear friend. <3

  4. Sunny De said:

    I love that song 🥰 God bless you, dear momma!

  5. Great post Jan! Have a blessed Easter!

  6. Enjoy today

  7. Thanks for sharing Jan. I have seen a few posts acknowledging the quiet emptiness of Holy Saturday. I am reminded that my own journey with Jesus to the Cross is incomplete if I don’t wait with empty quietness.

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