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Embrace Multi-Tasking

Photo by Marek Levak on Pexels.com

I’m multi-tasking
I’m typing and I’m breathing
You can do it, too

Concentration is
Overrated, don’t you think
You can split your time

Photo by Lu00e9o Vinu00edcius on Pexels.com

Prove that you’re clever
Say, you can walk and chew gum
All at the same time

Spread your joy with smiles
How’s happy multi-tasking
Raising your spirits?

Be a multi-tasking champ!
Thanks for visiting JanBeek
Share a smile …

See ya tomorrow

Comments on: "Embrace Multi-Tasking" (14)

  1. Congratulations Jan! I can see that multi-tasking has its rewards. I guess I had better train harder to keep with you.

    In-basket fills up
    Multi-tasking, not for me
    One task only, please

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  2. I can chew gum and walk! 😂

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  3. Typing and breathing I can manage . . . maybe add lifting a cuppa to my lips at the same time – any more than that and I go into shutdown! 😂xx

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  4. An amusing take on a woman’s prerogative 🙂

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  5. Multitasking! The word of the 21st century!

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  6. You’ve given me a new perspective on multi-tasking and a good laugh at the idea as well as myself.

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  7. A great post Jan! A reminder that life is all about multitasking!

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