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I Love the Lord

I love my Jesus
Praying with me each morning
I know He hears me

He accepts my croaky voice
And smiles at my praise

With devotional
Ready with encouragement
I read gratefully

May your day be blessed
With sweet assurances, too
Know Jesus loves you

And so do I!
Have a Wonderful Wednesday.

Thanks for visiting.
I gotcha in prayer.
Bee well!

Comments on: "I Love the Lord" (14)

  1. And I won’t take it back.


  2. Beautiful song 🎵. I am singing with you. ♡

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  3. Beautifully done

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  4. Lovely singing, ma! Have a joyful day!

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  5. Thanks. That was a sweet sound in my ear and no doubt an even sweeter one in His ear. P.S. Your singing voice is sweeter than mine.

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    • Thank you! I used to be a soprano. Then I became an alto. Now, I am a tenor – and some mornings, it’s a gravelly bass voice, but God promises He loves my praises regardless of which range I sing it in!! Hah! ❤

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  6. He sees the heart
    And knows every thought
    Hands wide open
    Ready & wager to embrace and welcome all
    With no judgment at all!
    Have a blessed evening, Jan.

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  7. Beautiful Jan. I’m singing with you 🎶 ❣️


  8. Aren’t mornings a delight when we can spend time in prayer and the Bible with our Lord?

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