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Hindsight’s 2020

This You.Tube video poem on Tom Foolery was introduced to me by Ann at https://annkoplow.wordpress.com/ today. Thank you, Ann.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I think you will, too. Please take time to listen.

Powerful message, don’t you agree?

Thanks for tuning in.

Please leave me a comment about what you thought about this daddy’s bedtime poem for his son. Why DID it take a virus to wake us up and bring people together? Or has it??

Good night! Love ya!!

Come back tomorrow!

Comments on: "Hindsight’s 2020" (9)

  1. What a marvelous poem! I sincerely DO hope that we never go back to how things were. It would be wonderful if people stopped looking at their screens so much and started looking more at each other.

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  2. Fantastic video/poem! Hope – a dangerous game to play. Unless it inspires action it can lead to its opposite. Let’s hope that together we can all move forward toward a brighter tomorrow. Let’s hope that hope inspires action for a change. Thank you for sharing. 🙏

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  3. Certainly – so beautifully done

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  4. A Bedtime Story? I would like to call it ‘A Wake-up Story’!

    I copied this YouTube video here:


    Thank you very much, Jan, for publishing this very beautifully done video!

    It tells us a lot about where we have to change!

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  5. Thought-provoking! There are so many “real” struggles going on right now. Each of us can add a smile and a thought to bless someone’s day.

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