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Love Yourself?

Do you love yourself?
Jesus says to love others…
As you love yourself.

Some people cannot.
They don’t like the mirrored self.
So, what about you?

I try to watch weight.
I could easily be round.
Aunts and Grandma was.

But I’m more than that –
More than the mirrored image.
So are you, my friend.

Still, I can struggle
With that darned weekly weigh-in.
Hide the dog-gone scale!!


See ya tomorrow.


Comments on: "Love Yourself?" (14)

  1. Chris is always saying to me when I make a comme t about my weight, “You’re a beautiful woman, Mom!” You ARE!!! We are so much more than our outside looks. You will be remembered for your heart MUCH more than your weight!!!

  2. It takes some of us a long time to love ourselves as we love others.

  3. I struggle as I age to accept all of the changes, then God reminds me our bodies are temporary. May God bless you, Jan!

  4. I generally avoid the scale except for a very rare visit. Despite my battle with sugars and carbs, I am blessed with pretty good genetics.

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