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Love Yourself?

Do you love yourself?
Jesus says to love others…
As you love yourself.

Some people cannot.
They don’t like the mirrored self.
So, what about you?

I try to watch weight.
I could easily be round.
Aunts and Grandma was.

But I’m more than that –
More than the mirrored image.
So are you, my friend.

Still, I can struggle
With that darned weekly weigh-in.
Hide the dog-gone scale!!


See ya tomorrow.


Comments on: "Love Yourself?" (14)

  1. Chris is always saying to me when I make a comme t about my weight, “You’re a beautiful woman, Mom!” You ARE!!! We are so much more than our outside looks. You will be remembered for your heart MUCH more than your weight!!!

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  2. It takes some of us a long time to love ourselves as we love others.

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  3. I struggle as I age to accept all of the changes, then God reminds me our bodies are temporary. May God bless you, Jan!

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  4. I generally avoid the scale except for a very rare visit. Despite my battle with sugars and carbs, I am blessed with pretty good genetics.

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