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Days in Montana
Are out of a fairy tale:

Come for a trail ride
On Lucille, our ATV,
Into the mountains.

Today North Meadow –
First past gorgeous Sure Shot Lakes,
Then to reservoir.

The fish were jumping –
Little ones jumped on the fly.
Big ones were cautious.

Lunch was relaxing
With our dear friends, the Washburns.
Wish you could have come!

Fireweed @ Sureshot Lake
Step up for a closer view!!
This place (Sureshot Lake) is a boys’ paradise!
Great friends: Roy & Barbara Washburn
Barbara’s first fish…
Quick, get the hook out
and throw him back in!
Barbara’s second fish was even smaller!
Eventually she got a 7″ one.
Meantime, Roy caught eight fish – medium-sized –
While Barbara struggled to catch the minnows!
And Bob caught one every other cast!

The fish are jumpin’ –
Summertime – livin’s easy…
And life is peaceful!

I actually was able to hear Ella Fitzgerald sing this
in person when I attended her concert in Reno, Nevada
when I was in college in the 50’s. What a thrill!!
Lunch break time.
I sang “Summertime” to Bob
as we relaxed after lunch.
And then after lunch & relaxation,
The guys kept fishing!

Barbara & I enjoyed the scenes
And did a little hiking
Trails above the lake

TazE came with us
We enjoyed the clear blue skies
With clouds drifting by.

They call this Big Sky
There’s a very good reason
Unimpeded views!

Makes you want to keep on singing!!

Nothing beats Ella combined with Sachmo!!
I love Louie Armstrong, don’t you?
Quake Lake

Quake Lake’s a wonder.
Have you heard the great story?
Come – and I’ll tell you!

Thanks for joining me for another beautiful Montana day. It’s so wonderful to live in this great state with the wide open spaces… especially during this pandemic.
Nothing heals like Mother Nature at her finest… in Madison County, Montana.

See ya tomorrow.
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  1. Beautiful just plain beautiful. Thanks for sharing Jan <3 This is the song I 🎡 thought you meant, but I guess not LOL

  2. Living life through you is such fun.

  3. That’s fun !!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜Ž

  4. Anonymous said:

    What a fun day and beautiful photos!

  5. What gorgeous views you had! Wonderful weather, too! Yaaaaay for being happy and healthy with good friends!

  6. The lake was stunning 😍😍 ! Great captures !!!

  7. A lovely tour with splendid recordings

  8. Jan, I enjoyed tagging along with your adventure at Sureshot Lake. My curiosity took me to a map to check its location. Beautiful photo at Quake Lake; been in the earthquake area about a half dozen times, including last summer.

    • Well, Dwight, you’ll have to come past Quake and arrive in Ennis ready to go up into North Meadowcreek with us on the ATV next time you travel in this direction. <3

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