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Stream of Consciousness

Today D’Verse poetry introduced me to:

BILLY COLLINS, Stream of Consciousness Poetry, TED Talk

D’Verse Poetry then invited readers to write a Stream of Consciousness poem. After listening to Billy Collins, former USA Poet Laureate, reference “The wheel and the suitcase,” on his Ted Talk, I was inspired me to use that prompt and write my own stream of consciousness poem.

Do click on the Billy Collins link and listen to his delightful TedTalk. You’ll be glad you did. He is extremely talented and very entertaining!

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

The wheel was invented
By cavemen or women
Long before air travel
And the suitcase was invented
Long before the covered wagon
Carried lovely luggage 
Into rugged western regions
But It took longer than
The invention of the wheel
Or the need for a suitcase
For some smart person
To put the wheel
On the suitcase
I wonder what 
Two unlikely objects
Will be creatively joined
By some smart person


Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Will you be that smart person?
Not I!

Here’s to inventors!

See ya tomorrow.
Have a good night.

Comments on: "Stream of Consciousness" (23)

  1. Haha! Too funny 🙂 I never really thought of it that way. I just knew it took too long 👍

  2. This made me smile. Those random thoughts we all get.

    But I can’t help thinking the woman in the image must be really bracing herself – that suitcase is going to head off backwards in a minute and leave her flat on the floor.

  3. Great, thoughtful, poem.

  4. Jan, your words invented a fun-filled poem. May your poetry journey continue to open up new venues for your prose.

  5. I love this “I wonder what
    Two unlikely objects
    Will be creatively joined
    By some smart person
    Tomorrow?” Here’s to all the imaginations in full gear, unlimited and freewheeling!

  6. A streaming question …. it made me smile. Hugs back.

  7. Beverly Crawford said:

    What a clever write. It move along so rhythmically and leaves us with a smile!

  8. Interesting thoughts Jan… perhaps the next connections will be of the digital nature!!

  9. I am glad you liked Billy’s session on poetry. His work is inspiring to read.

    I so enjoyed this fun poem – never knew it took that long.

    • Yes, I really did enjoy Billy’s session. He was quite inspiring!! <3 Thank you, Grace, for your comment. Have a wonderful weekend. <3

  10. So much fun in this thought… and a good thing that we have weels on the suitcases these days.

  11. Yes, let’s cheer for the creative people of the world. They keep making life just a bit easier.

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