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A Different Easter

My post yesterday was titled with the single word:
I’m hugging you in prayer today.
I pray you were able to rest on the Sabbath –
and I pray you are ready
to sing his praises
as you celebrate a very happy and meaningful
DIFFERENT Easter Sunday today.

Here is my favorite Easter hymn. If you grew up in a traditional Christian church, you know this as well as I do… and you won’t be able to help yourself – – – you’ll HAVE to sing along!

God Bless You!
Have a good rest
a very unique Easter…

… and a day filled with blessings.

Comments on: "A Different Easter" (8)

  1. My foster dad used to sing that song on Easter. He has such a powerful voice.

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  2. Yes it did. Happy Easter! Thanks for the blog and song!

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  3. Anonymous said:

    Happy Easter Jan! May our risen Savior embrace you and hold you today and every day!

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  4. Fran McNeill said:

    Happy Easter! May the love of our risen Savior fill your hearts and lives today and every day!

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