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My blogging friend, Richard, posted this wonderful poem this morning. Since both my grandpas died before I was born, I did not get to meet either of them. So, watching my hubby be a loving Grampy to our 7 grandkids has been a real treasure. Richard captured that Grandpa feeling beautifully in his post today. I am delighted to share it with you:

Watching a quiet Saturday sunrise Feeling grateful, thankful to be alive Being retired, life moves at a slower pace Realizing, there’s no need to win the race Remembering grandfathers, crisp and clear Teaching life lessons, steady and sincere Growing up, learning from their example Tasting life with every new sample Loving […]

Passing the Torch — Big Sky Buckeye

Comments on: "Passing the Torch — Big Sky Buckeye" (4)

  1. I pray from my heart God bless you so much Amen..

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  2. Thank you again Jan. Best wishes to everyone in your neck of the woods.


  3. The grandfather I knew left no fond memories – so this is a very significant post.

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  4. Beautiful in so many ways 💚 thank you

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