Spreading love, joy, peace, faith & unity

Some out there speak rap –
While others speak jibberish –
Some only mumble.

Some learn multiple
Languages quite easily.
I’m stuck with English.

But then I found out
There’s language universal;
It doesn’t need words.

What’s the primary
Language from your heart?
Kindness: a great start!

Look back on your day –
Did you give random kindness
Expecting nothing?

No need to struggle;
Kindness can be natural.
Make it a habit!

Ask God every day
To help you be more loving
To unlovables!

Expecting nothing
In return for your kindness,
Know God is watching!

His are the only eyes that matter!

Kindness is its own reward.

Lord, help me make Kindness my primary language!
Have a beautiful night.

Thank you for the kindness of your time.
See ya tomorrow.

Comments on: "What’s Your Primary Language?" (7)

  1. Your message that true kindness is without ulterior motive is so important

  2. Your poem warmed my heart, lady Jan. It’s both witty and lovely. 🙂

    • Thank you, Kanika. I am happy to have touched your heart. God bless you! Thanks for the affirmation. <3

  3. God’s love teaches us kindness to share with our brothers and sisters. Jan, your message brings out the benefits of what should be our primary language.

    • God’s love to you, my friend. Thank you for your comment. <3 I appreciate your visit and affirmation. <3

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