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It’s been a busy day. I am ready to tuck in early. But first, I need to share with you a message I received from our neighbors who live at the end of our road 1/2 the year and in Nashville, Tennessee the other half of the year.

Most of you are aware by now that earlier this week a massive tornado devastated a 50 mile trail that went through the heart of some of Nashville’s beautiful neighborhoods. I wrote my neighbor/friend, Debbie, and asked how she and Steve are doing. This is what she wrote back,

“Thanks for asking. It’s been a tragic, scary, powerful disaster. It first touched down about 4 miles away at a private airport. That airport has $100 mil worth of damage. Then it plowed thru the neighborhoods of north Nashville (about 3 miles away) tearing up homes, churches and 3 schools in that lower middle class, black section. Then it hit the very trendy, expensive Germantown section just blocks from the Capital. After destroying Germantown it gained strength, crossed the Cumberland River (where our son Joel’s shop missed being hit my 1/4 mile). He was without power for only 10 hours. Then it moved to a section called East Nashville. This is where I grew up and where my brother still lives. The damage there was heartbreaking. East End Methodist Church was destroyed. This is my brother’s church… He has been there for hours helping out each day and met with the structural engineer who said no way to rebuild. It is just tragic. Yes the church is more than the building but when the building is 113 years old and you worship in such an astonishingly beautiful place with the souls of the many worshipers gone before, it seems trite to say it was only a building. There is no telling how long it will take to get power back on in that area.
So the tornado jumped the river again to the neighborhood known as Donelson, then Hermitage, then Mt Juliet, then out in the country to Cookeville where 23 people were killed.
This event has consumed our town.”

It takes that tragic event and brings it home, doesn’t it? Makes it up close and personal.

Please, dear friends, add the people of Nashville, Cookeville, and the surrounding area (50 mile tornado path) to your prayer list. My heart is heavy for them.

Sweet dreams may be possible as time goes by, but for now there will be tears and nightmares for many.

God bless them and give them strength during this devastating time. Amen

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Sunny De said:

    Holy moly 😮 I’m SO so sorry for the people of Nashville! Tragic! I had NOT yet heard about that! I was there just last year! My heart and prayers go out to those people affected by the devastation 😯 😳🙏🏼❤️

    • Thank you, Dee. Your prayers are APPRECIATED, HEARD AND HEEDED. May His comfort and grace sustain and strengthen them. Thank God for all who have stepped up and in to help! <3

  2. My heart and prayers go out to them.

  3. Dearest Jan, I saw a little of the tornado news on our BBC news but it was only a short slot .. Your friends account of the devastation brings it home just how fragile we all are in the grip of Nature..

    My prayers are added, especially to those who have lost loved ones…
    One cannot begin to imagine it.. And I know only too well from our recent three large storms in a row here in the UK which brought gales of upto 60 and 70mph how our home rattled..

    We are so blessed living where we do, as the floods didn’t hit us where we are..
    I am just thankful for so many things..

    Sending you love and hope your friend and you stay safe.. <3 <3

  4. Our friends just moved down there because of a job transfer. Their apartment was saved but their employers building was not. Now they will have to drive to Indiana to work. This was a terrible time.

    • Can’t click “like” on this. It is a sad situation. A terrible time indeed. But so reassuring to see the thousands who are stepping up and in to help in whatever way their time, talents and money allow. <3 Prayers are powerful. Keep them in prayer. God will give them strength and perseverance. <3

  5. What a sad time for them. Ugh. Thanks for sharing such a powerful letter. Praying for God’s mighty hands to help them through this devastating time of loss.

  6. Morning, Jan,

    What I didn’t tell you in the text was the overwhelming response of Nashville to the tornado. Hands on Nashville filled its volunteer slots (25000 people). People connected to various houses of worship and no connection other than this is home came with strong backs (including members of the Titans’ and Predators’ teams) and chain saws, with blankets (it was 29 degrees this am and no electricity for many), with ready to eat food (son Joel is making 1500 sandwiches each day to deliver), with diapers, flashlights and batteries. Celebrities (such as our beloved Dolly and Taylor and others) opened their checkbooks very wide as did many organizations, including National Football League and the National Hockey League. As we did during the devastating flood of 2010, we respond to need.
    In Nashville, We Rise.

  7. debbiesimplergmailcom said:

    Morning, Jan. What I didn’t tell you in the text was the immense response of the people of Nashville. Hands on Nashville, with 25000 volunteer slots, is full. People connected with houses of worship or no connection to anything other than this is home are pouring out of their comfort to help. People are showing up with strong backs (including team members of the Titans and Predators), chain saws, showing up with blankets (it was 29 degrees this am and no electricity in the tornado zones), showing up with ready to eat meals (son Joel is preparing 1500 meals each day), showing up with diapers, flashlights, batteries. Celebrities, including our beloved Dolly and Taylor and many others, have opened their checkbooks very wide, as have organizations such as the National Football League and the National Hockey League. In Nashville, as we did during the devastating flood of 2010, we show up.
    In Nashville, We Rise.

    • Oh, Debbie, I so appreciate this information… not surprising at all to know that Hands On Nashville has 25,000 slots filled with people ready and willing to use their time and talents to love and help others in need. That’s who you are! I will update my info to my followers (I know have 844 of them representing more than 15 countries) <3 God bless you and all those who are using their time, money, and talents to reach out to others! <3

  8. Yes, we never take one day, one hour, one breath for granted! <3

  9. Having visited Nashville, some of the areas were in my memory bank while others were new. The tornado delivered widespread damage, but sadly the loss of life is even harder to fathom. We all need to keep praying for the victims as well as the survivors.

    • Yes, I can’t imagine the horror of losing whole families and dear loved ones in such an instant of terror!! God help them! And praise Him for all those who are His hands and feet right now. <3

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