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Living in Love

My dear husband, Bob

I’m living in love;
I’m truly blessed every day.
Each day is a gift.

Yes, there are others
Living life as Hell on earth;
My heart prays for them.

Fires, floods, and war,
Make life anything but blessed;
Life may seem hopeless.

How can my listening
Help bring love into those lives
In a living hell?

Sometimes I feel
Almost guilty with my life
Being trouble-free.

I’m not complaining
About the blessings in life;
I pray them for you.

How can Australians
Facing massive destruction
Have a blessed day?

Can Iranians
Living under threat of war
Have a blessed day?

Can Puerto Ricans
Facing earthquake’s aftermath
Have a blessed day?

Can YOU in your place
Facing everyday troubles
Have a blessed day?

Sometimes life throws curves
(Like my burst appendix day) –
Yes, we all have them.

Life is not a bed
Filled with sweet smelling roses.
We must endure thorns.

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

Most thorns are prickly
(That’s just the nature of them).
Some are treacherous.

I pray your thorns are
Short-lived inconveniences,
Not life-threatening.

Round out the corners;
Set your feet firmly on ground
Supported by love.

May you live in love.
May you feel blessed every day.
That’s my prayer for you.

How may I support you in a specific prayer?
Tell me!

Have a blessed day.
See ya tomorrow.

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  1. What magnificent words of love Jan… and I love your guys smile! Having a happy life, being grateful and considerate to others is how we shine and spread love in the world. Know that everything that is happening, for good and bad is all experience foe everyone and most perfect❤️ no judgement. We just shine our light knowing that our sparks touch others and allow them to make the most perfect choices in each moment. Thankyou for being your light… and may 2020 bring you and your family all dreams and magic come true😘 love Barbara x

  2. He is very lucky to have you…poet, friend, and angel.

  3. Profound thoughts and questions, Jan

  4. You are an angel Jan♥️… lots of love and respect 🤗

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