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Friday Morning

It’s Friday after Christmas –
The tree is standing there
With lights and ornaments sparkling
But underneath, it’s bare.

Presents all were given
To our loved ones with a smile,
But now the family’s leaving –
Traveling off many a mile.

We created quite a ruckus
As we laughed and reminisced.
Sisters and their families far away
Were in our hearts, but missed.

A dozen of the Beekman/Payne Family

It’s a quiet Friday morning –
The family is mostly gone.
I sit alone with my memories
In this beautiful early dawn.

What memories of Christmas
Float in your heart this day?
I hope they all are happy ones –
As loved ones are safely on their way.

Grandson, Sam, beat me by two points in ping pong. But, I gave it a good fight… 23 to 25!
I enjoyed helping Monika prepare our Christmas salad and asparagus.
I hold happy memories of Jordan being the attentive daddy…
Ty & Monika’s dog (more like a horse), Nakota, loved his present!
Sharing OUR treats was okay, but don’t try to take HIS bone away!
My favorite part of Christmas

It’s not the Christmas presents
Given from under the tree;
It’s the present of love’s presence
That means the most to me.

God gave us His Son on Christmas morn.
We celebrate the JOY of Jesus’ birth.
Celebrate the gift of LOVE He gives to us
With our friends and family here on earth.

Merry Christmas weekend to you, my friends.
May Christmas live on in your heart.
May you always remember His gift of grace –
And pass that love and peace along – do your part!

Happy Friday. from Bob & Jan.
What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Sending love and hugs…
See ya tomorrow.

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  1. Clearly a lovely time. Ours are still here 🙂

  2. My favorite Christmas memories are waking up soooooo excited because Santa came during the night. I knew I had to wait until you and daddy were awake so I loved jumping into your bed to wake you up with an excited squeal “Wake up!!!! It’s Christmas!!!!” And then running to the living room to see the stockings full and the twinkly lights on the tree…..magical! Thank you so much for a beautiful childhood, Mom and Dad 🥰🥰🥰

  3. Your Christmas looks full of love. Mine was too. Thats the beauty of this wonderful time of year. Much love to you and yours.

  4. Jan, your Christmas poem hits all of the right buttons. Hmm, you look like a ping-pong enthusiast. I better stay clear of your spirited game as I have not played for years.

    • I ALMOST beat my grandson – a long, arduous, competitive match indeed! Thanks for commenting on the Christmas poem. I appreciate your visit, Richard. Hope your 2020 has begun on a high note. Stay healthy! <3

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